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Hotter'N Hell Hundred(2 posts)

Hotter'N Hell HundredTower
Jun 3, 2003 4:40 AM
We're going to ride the HHH this year for the first time and I was looking for some insight from those who have done it before. We're planning on doing the 100K.

I'm looking forward to the bike convention and seeing how much money I can spend on more stuff!

What can we expect for the ride (besides hot)? Is it best to start a mile down the road given the # of riders? How is the route? How are the SAGs?

re: Hotter'N Hell Hundredbburgoyne26
Jul 3, 2003 6:58 PM
It is a ride that must be undertaken at least once in a lifetime. The route is as good as it can be in rural Texas. The rest stops are great, well stocked and numerous! A few years ago there was one with a Gilligan's Island theme. There are also medical personnell available to check you over and treat you for dehydration. They may not let you go on if you stop sweating, your skin looks grey and you laugh at the monkees in the tent....Seriously, dehydration is a big problem and they really watch for it. I remember the SAG support as being good.

You can't start a mile down the road, that is cheating! Plus it wouldn't do you much good. It takes a few miles to get unclogged, but that is part of the experience, unless you are planning on winning. Are you?

Another thing, if you didn't reserve a hotel room a year ago, good luck! There is primative camping by your car in a dusty, grassy area within walking distance to the convention center. It will be hot, humid and full of mosquitos. That is also part of the experience. And it's free.

It may be the biggest ride you've ever been on, kind of like a Woodstock of biking. Lots of comraderie and fun for all. You will be glad when it's over and you will have stories and bragging rights back at work on Monday. Don't miss it!