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*****Any rides around Calexico CA. or Yuma AZ.???(2 posts)

*****Any rides around Calexico CA. or Yuma AZ.???JustDoIt
Jan 16, 2003 9:01 PM
Hey there, Everyone... Any rides around Calexico-Imperial Valley; or Yuma?... please let me know. Thanx.

-Peace Out
- J A
El Centro ok?mass_biker
Jan 21, 2003 4:26 PM
Let's see if this helps...I visit my in-laws in El Centro each winter (I live in Boston) and manage to get several satisfying rides in and around that area. Of course, it is a treat for me to go riding around there in December without windblock tights or heavy neoprene booties and winter gloves, so I make it a point to scope out a few good rides that start/finish in El Centro.

My favorite one this past Christmas had me head south on 8th St over I-8 and down towards the border. Ride for about 30 minutes and then head west (right) on 190 or 90 something? There is a nice detour (left, south again) that you can take towards the road that runs along the edge of Signal Mtn (Alta Rd.?). I take this west a ways until it ends, and then back east until I hit major roads (that 190 or 90 something). I then take a right that puts me in farmland that is well west of El Centro and then I follow this road (northbound) until it crosses back over I-8 and dumps you near Sunbeam Lake and then you can take Ross St. (east) all the way down towards El Centro. It is about 2 or 3 highway exits up from EC. About 1/2 way to El Centro, you can double back a bit on the loop (south) a ways, crossing over I-8 (two exits down from Sunbeam Lake - Forrester Road I think), which takes you back towards McCabe Rd. which I then take east/left again until it hits 8th St. That stretch of McCabe is quite good. Upon hitting 8th St., I turn left/north and cross back over I-8 and head into EC.

Generally speaking, my strategy for this ride is: ride 30 minutes, turn, ride another 30 minutes turn etc. until I complete a 2 hour loop. Doing the drive from San Diego to the Valley makes me wonder about patching together a ride from Rancho Bernardo (where I have relatives) to El Centro. I have done some riding up there in North County SD and figure it isn't too far to Julian from Rancho Bernardo/Escondido and then down the mountain to the Valley. Would make for a long day though. If you have any skinny on rides in the Valley please let me know as I would like a bit of variety on my next trip. I will say that I find the area south and west of El Centro to be good riding (i.e. not that much traffic). Heading up to Brawley and further east towards Yuma etc. I have found more intersections, cars etc.