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How to organize a charity ride(2 posts)

How to organize a charity rideGiantTCR1
Nov 8, 2002 2:16 PM
OK, I may be nuts. I realize that organizing a charity ride is a huge undertaking, but... here it goes.

Any one out there have any info on doing such a foolish thing? Experience you would like to share? Resources you could point me to? It would be in the Santa Barbara area.
re: How to organize a charity rideScot_Gore
Nov 11, 2002 5:12 AM
I particpate on a large MS150 team. The team is made up of riders and non-riding volunteers, so between all of us we see most of the logistics of putting the ride together. There's LOTS to do, and it's highly variable depending on the details of your ride. In order to give you any good info I'd need more details about what you have in mind. Things like one-day versus multi-day or tied another (larger) event make a big difference.

Regardless of size and details the most important thing to do is find 20+ people who have a passion for the cause. Don't worry about finding bike folks. Find people who will WORK for the cause be it a bike ride, a golf tourney, or a pie eating contest. That's the secret to success for a charity event. I wouldn't even start logistical planning of the event until my troops were in place.

My 2 cents.