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Rides in Denver/Wheat Ridge area?(3 posts)

Rides in Denver/Wheat Ridge area?Bicycle019
Oct 30, 2002 9:48 PM
Hi all. I'm moving down to the Wheat Ridge/Englwood area (29th/Xavier) from Boulder and I'm wondering what are some of the more popular road routes in the area? I'd like something that eventualy took me to some climbs if possible and has the least amount of traffic. Anything with a bike lane would be great.

Thanks for the info!

re: Rides in Denver/Wheat Ridge area?allezmichigan
Nov 12, 2002 3:21 PM
I live just west of Downtown Denver, and am afraid there isn't much there. If you can get onto 32nd avenue from your pad you can get to Golden without too much traffic, pretty nice scenery and you can get to lookout mountain--GREAT CLIMB.

Other than bikepaths (suck!) I can't be of any more assistance.

Feel free to email me when the time comes, if you want to ride with someone.

Good luck,

re: Rides in Denver/Wheat Ridge area?jtolleson
Dec 8, 2002 7:52 PM
29th and Xavier isn't particularly close to Englewood. That's within the City and County of Denver but as you noted just a few blocks east of Wheat Ridge (maybe you meant Edgewater, not Englewood).

Anyway, as noted you can either take 32nd or hit the bike path along I-70 (go north to catch it) and go to Golden and climb Lookout.

You can also take 29th about 3 miles EAST to Confluence Park (near the REI Flagship store) and catch either the Cherry Creek bike path (out to CC Res) or the Platte River Bike Path (south to Chatfield).

Those are your best "from the front door" options, IMO.