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Looking for suggestion on a 1 wk biketour(8 posts)

Looking for suggestion on a 1 wk biketourPaulCL
Oct 12, 2002 8:03 AM
I live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Some friends and I are planning to take a week long bike tour next late spring/early summer. We're looking for suggestions/experiences to help us make our choice. We would like the tour to be 4-7 days long, with mountains, and average over 50 miles per day...even throw in a century or two...

Ideas that have been given to us (some from the "General" board: bike Virginia, PA Central, Ride the Rockies, Tour or Colorado,...Any others?? Any personal experience that you would like to share?? Thanks. paul
BTCSteve Bailey
Oct 13, 2002 7:14 AM
I did the '99 Bike Tour of Colorado and had a terrific time. Granted it was a very rainy year, with 6 passes over 10,000, but a blast none the less.

The '03 starts/stops in Colorado Springs, which makes airline access a bit easier. BTC is also a loop, which (in my mind) makes it more practical then RtR. It's a well supported ride, of a reasonable size.

The other tour I would recommend, based on opinion of a friend who've done it, is the Pedal the Peaks tour - not sure where it's going this year, though the New Mexico route is my favorite, and the assorted Cross Maryland, Cross Maine, Cross Wisconsin rides.

Thanks. Any input on "tour the peaks" tour in ColoradoPaulCL
Oct 14, 2002 10:24 AM
I found the "Tour the Peaks" tour from a Google search. Looks painful as hell. Each day averages 98 miles! From a short 65 to a long 145 miles. 145 miles over mountains means about ten hours for me. Maybe too much.

The BTC looks like a good option. The 'loop' route makes sense for those of us driving in. The Pedal the Peaks looks good too, except for travel. Getting to Bilings, MT from anywhere is a PIA. It's a minimum of 7 hours in airport travel time (flight + layovers).

Regrettfully, since my original post, my friends have backed out. I don't care...I'll do it alone. When there are a few 1000 riders, I'll always ride with someone.

Thanks. paul
Definitely consider Canada!BowWow
Oct 15, 2002 5:36 PM
Besides great rides and amazing scenery, the US dollar is worth about $1.50 Canadian - an instant 50% discount on everything!

I live near the Canadian Rockies, and am putting together a 3 - 4 day tour next year that will run from Jasper to Banff or perhaps to Longview, Alberta (depending on available time). We'll do the Icefields Parkway (Highway 93) from Jasper to Lake Louise, then take Highway 1A from Lake Louise to Banff. Along the way we cross two passes (Sunwapta and Bow), pass the world-famous Columbia Icefields (and about 100 other glaciers), do a short side trip to Moraine Lake, and just generally have a great time! If we extend to Longview we'll ride through Kanaskis Country over the highest paved mountain pass in Canada (Highway 40/517).

We'll be camping along the way, self-supported (no SAG), and most meals will be in restaurants along the way. We'll do from 50 to 80 miles a day - maybe more if we end up in Longview... We expect to pay about $100.00 each for food and gas (we live in Cardston, Alberta, about 6 hours from Jasper), which translates to about $70.00 US, or $17.50 a day. Not bad, eh!

I'm sure you could find similar routes in Quebec or Ontario, or if you want to join us (3 guys from 40 to 47 years old), let me know. Most Americans forget about Canada, or don't realize how strong the US dollar is. You can get some really great bargains up here!

Good Luck!


P.S. We rode the east side of Going-to-the-Sun Road to Logan Pass in Glacier NP in Montana yesterday - 12 miles up, 12 miles down, light dusting of snow on the peaks, very little breeze, a little cool (I wore my booties), but absolutely fantastic!!!!
Definitely consider Canada!PaulCL
Oct 16, 2002 6:06 AM
OK...sounds great. In what month would you be doing this tour?? So, I would fly into Jasper and out of Banff or Longview???

The cost is great. Since we're in the same age range (I'm 40) I don't have to worry about hooking up with some 22 year old Cat 1's. I was kinda hoping to do a longer tour, but I'm up for anything. My wife would like a four day tour versus seven days. I don't need to drop a $1000 US to have fun.

My email is Please keep me informed.
Anyone else interested?BowWow
Oct 16, 2002 12:43 PM
I e-mailed Paul about our plans: looking at the beginning of June, perhaps 7 riders, going for 4 to 6 days from Jasper to Banff or Longview (to be determined in the next couple of weeks) , no SAG, camping, with shuttle to and from Calgary, Alberta, share some expenses (minimal, like camping fees and maybe $20.00 for gas...), buy your own meals (most at restaurants), etc.

So far we're all 40 something, and riding semi-loaded bikes (tent, sleeping bag, rain gear, couple of changes of clothing, toiletries, not much else...), so we won't be flying along!

If anyone else is interested, please contact me.

Steve Gilchrist

Blue Ridge Parkwayseyboro
Nov 7, 2002 9:18 AM
Last year, we rode the parkway from Cherokee, NC to Roanoke, Va. Incredible views, no crowds, easy traffic (speed limit is 45), great lodging on the parkway itself, lots of climbing, 50 to 70 mile days, about 400 miles total. There is a guide book taking riders north to south ( we just reversed the directions); however, the title escapes me at this time. Check it out - you'll find it worth your while.
"Bicycling the Blue Ridge Parkway"jtolleson
Dec 8, 2002 7:54 PM
that's the name of at least one book. Just bought it to plan a North-to-South trip.

Did you hotel or camp? How many miles a day? We've been having trouble getting a fix on a reasonable itinerary. Did you also include Skyline Drive? How many days for your entire trip?

questions, questions!