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Milwaukee(4 posts)

Sep 28, 2002 3:11 PM
Anyone from the Milwaukee area now of any good group rides or clubs?
re: MilwaukeeMike-Wisc
Nov 12, 2002 5:39 AM
If you're still hovering the boards here (I haven't been here much at all this summer/fall) you might just visit some of the local bike shops and pick up club flyers. It depends on what sorts of rides you want to do. There are lots of cycling events throughout the season, some well known, some not. It also depends on where you are located and how far you want to ride or drive to get to the rides. There is a club in Oz. county that is fairly active, and one in Waukesha that was active last time I checked, and there are at least a couple of Milwaukee clubs.

Are you into racing, touring, socializing, on-road, off-road, bike trail, or do you avoid bike trails? Do you ride fast, slow, straight line or wander around a bit, like to talk while you ride, or do you just like a group and get into a mental zone while riding. It all depends on what you want, but there is probably a group out around here who will fit your wants. Spring City Cycle in Waukesha was pretty good as far a finding a group to ride with. Cyclesmith in Hartland can link you up with race clubs and training rides. Bicycle Doctor in Oconomowoc is another good source if you talk to the right staff member. Any of the Wheel & Sprocket stores are another good source of info, but each store seems to have it's own specialty and staff preferences. Wares is good but you have to talk to the right staff member, same with other shops in the area.

Hope this late and generalized post helps in some way.
Take care.
re: MilwaukeePBLed
Nov 18, 2002 4:41 PM
Thanks for the post.
I'm primarily interested into getting into racing. I trained alot this summer and am staying pretty active lifting and spending time on the trainer. When things start to thaw out this spring I'd really like to join a club and get a better feel for where I am at compared to the rest of the field. Right now I'm a student, downtown Milwaukee without a car, so if you know of any clubs located in Milwaukee, that would be great, and I'll talk to some of the LBS's.
Thanks again.
re: MilwaukeeMike-Wisc
Dec 26, 2002 12:48 PM
(I don't get in here much these months, sorry....)

Anyway, if you're near UWM go to the bike shop just a few blocks south of the campus and ask to speak to any of the road or track racers there. They have one guy there who races down at the Kenosha velodrome in the Summers who can hook you up with local teams. There are also some links from the USA-Cycling web site to regional listed/orgainzed clubs. If you really want the low-down though I'd suggest contacting Brian at CycleSmith in Hartland. A bit of a haul to get there, but he can put you in touch with the local teams or at least give you a starting point. Small shop though so he's sometimes busy, but this time of year he is usually slow with little business. The roadies head in there for Spring upgrades starting next month a little bit. I used to live within walking distance of his shop, but now I'm about 40 miles away. I'm also an evening student at UWM.

I recall that Emery's on Capitol had a few road racers frequent there, but I wouldn't recommend riding your bike there through some of the locally bad neighborhoods with the crimes lately. Don't know why some areas have gotten so sour in the last 6 months, used to be a lot better a year ago. Oh well. Wheel & Sprocket also has a few roadies working there, as does R.E.I. Co-op, you just have to ask the staff until you find them and sort them out from the MTB crews. Unless you're into MTB'ing which is okay as well.

Don't know if you'll catch this post, but if you do I hope it helps some.

Take care,