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NYC hill climbing?(8 posts)

NYC hill climbing?Matno
Sep 27, 2002 7:01 PM
Anyone know the closest place to NYC to train on hills? I would like to find a grinder with at least a 1 mile climb for training on, but I'll take anything bigger (and smoother) than a bridge (and preferrably with less traffic!) After moving here from the Rockies, I feel like I'm losing my ability to climb. I got out of breath going over a relatively small bridge last week! DOH!
re: NYC hill climbing?velokaif
Sep 30, 2002 7:44 AM
The dearth of good hills in the NYC area is truly depressing and I feel your pain. There are rides with some good short hills, but a good 1+ mile with switchbacks are pretty much non-existent. If anyone thinks otherwise, please let us know! In any case, you should check out, go to their ride library and check out the ride to Saddle River in NJ. There's a good 1+ mile downhill on Closter Dock Road and there are 2 steep short hills on the way over there. Coming back, don't follow the directions and just come back up Closter Dock Road which is a good long hill. Depending on the time of day, there could be traffic, but it's never been to unbearable for me. Of course, it ain't the Rockies.
Bear MountainQubeley
Oct 2, 2002 3:08 PM
Probably the most popular century route.
Drive or ride along 9W for 40miles till Bear Mountain state park, there's this Perkins Drive inside that will eat you up no matter where you came from. less than 10 miles of continuous and steep climbing, took me almost an hour! Only did it once, hated it.
If you ride uo there, there are hills along the way.
Bear MountainShadow11
Oct 4, 2002 9:50 AM
Anywhere in that region, bear mt. etc..will have some decent can just climb up and down 7 lakes drive..

If you have a car..or even if you want to take metro north up to the Harriman Monroe area...Rt 6 climbs up about 2miles or so..then you can descend down into West Point..ride back up..and head out 218 to 9w again into cornwall..go back..and then have a nice ride back..warwick has mt peter and some other hilly areas in it as well..i believe NJTransit goes out that way..and where its not 1+mile long climbs..its all up and down..and you can go over to Sterling Forest as well (actually could take Metro_north to Tuxedo )...
re: NYC hill climbing?StuartHB
Oct 7, 2002 6:33 PM
You should try biking the North Shore of Long Island.
Do it every Sunday morning and there are plenty of
hills. Examples include Port Washington, Oyster Bay,
Huntington, Cold Spring Harbor. Try riding 25A around
these areas also and you will find long stretches of
challenging hills.

Good Luck.
Forget hill climbing!Matno
Oct 14, 2002 6:15 PM
I just rode a VERY small upgrade today that about killed me. Maybe I had better focus on riding flats first...!!!
Just kidding.
Actually, I was out in the North Shore area this week for the first time (went to Teddy Roosevelt's house and a couple of other places with my wife and her friend from out of town). That does look like a nice hilly place to ride.

On the other hand, it's not the most convenient for me since I rarely can afford more than about a hour and a half for riding (including driving time). I'm in the north Bronx, so if anyone knows any places in Westchester, etc. to ride, that would be awesome. I hope to make it to most of the places everybody has mentioned at some point though, so thanks for the suggestions!

Second Most Hilly Town in the USA is just across the bridge...jose_Tex_mex
Oct 14, 2002 3:22 PM
North Bergen, NJ is the second most hilly town in the USA - second only to San Fran. There are some ridiculuous climbs where even cars can barely get around me, some of them must be over 20%.

A nice place to train is the Henry Hudson Drive - not the Parkway. Go across the GWB and there's a trail that runs under it - that's it. There are some nice hills there. The best thing is that in the winter they close the road off to traffic so it's just us cyco's.

If you have not already done the ride to Nyack, be at the Jersey side of the bridge around 09:00 and watch the hundreds of cyclists making the journey.

Word of advice the road under the bridge is not great. Although, I ride my road bike there all the time. At night during the winter we will be training there at 4:00. We'll probably swap road bikes for mtb's with lights. Feel free to jump on in.

Here are some directions. Go across the GWB and make a left. Go through the light which kind of forks you to the right(but do not make a right at the light). You will notice a big hill to your left which is where you are eventually going. Go to the stop sign and make a left. You will descend a fast hill and will need to quickly get over to the left. When you see a grease truck on your left the enterance is not far away to the Henry Hudson - on the left. The HH takes you about 8 miles north and connects with 9W - Palisades BLVD which takes you to Piermount and Nyack.

If you go past the park and continue on River Drive (I think) you would go a few miles and then cut across to the east to get to North Bergen. Check out and have a look at 84th street and Tonnelle Ave in North Bergen. STAY FAR AWAY Tonnelle ave. That is don't cycle on it. HOwever, you might need to cross it to get some decent hills. THere's got to be a few in the low to mid 20%. If you were to do the hills I guarantee you will be smoked.
re: NYC hill climbing?blownpupil
Nov 21, 2002 2:02 PM
Drive to Westchester:

Saw Mill Pkwy to Reader's Digest Exit (#33)

Across from Reader's Digest Corp headquarters is Roaring Brook Road. Very tough 1.1 mile winding climb. You can then turn right onto 120 and ride any of a number of great routes . Contact