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oops wrong turn, nice bike ride though(1 post)

oops wrong turn, nice bike ride thoughbm
Sep 12, 2002 6:27 PM
biked from calbassas,CA today, not knowing where i was going. took mulholland hwy to old topanga and made a left instead of right. ended up at the PCH. oops. thought of going back towards santa monica, but decided to turn around and trek up the hill i just dropped at 40+ mph. to get back to my start, i retraced the hwy until old topanga and continued with way i should have gone orginally. made a few guesses . . . finally home . . . foot . . .ah

if anyone's looking for a nice route . . it was a solid ride. starts out flat and then climbs like your heart rate. two major climbs - mullholland and old tapanga . . . but the descents are worth it.