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Paved bike trails in Carlsbad, CA?(2 posts)

Paved bike trails in Carlsbad, CA?Onetrip
Aug 15, 2002 11:42 AM
Hey all,
My company is sending me to Carlsbad, CA for a week of
software training, I am driving down from L.A. and plan on taking my road bike. I am staying right on the 5fwy and Palomar Airport Rd. Does anyone know of any paved bike/recreation trails close by. Preferably by the beach/coast. What about any of the neighboring cities (oceanside etc.). Thanks all for any info...
re: Paved bike trails in Carlsbad, CA?CurtSD
Aug 16, 2002 8:20 AM
If you want a bike path, there's the San Louis Rey bike path in Oceanside - it runs north of and paralell to hwy 76 - see Personally, I prefer bike lanes to bike paths. Bike paths always seem to attract pedestrians and people with dogs - not a good mix with bikes.
If you're willing to go for a bike lane, just head west until you hit the coast hwy - it has bike lanes for most of the way from Carlsbad down to Pacific Beach or so. More detailed info at