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Tour de Canal (C&O Towpath)(1 post)

Tour de Canal (C&O Towpath)Humma Hah
Aug 8, 2002 3:46 PM
I wish I could do this one -- no chance this year as it conflicts with a house move, but next year for sure! I heard about it this morning on DC's "Fox-5" newscast.

The C&O Towpath, leading from way up in WVA to Washington DC, is about 184 miles of nice, flat trail, perfect for my cruiser, pretty good cyclocross terrain, fine for any kind of MTB. I've been wanting to ride it. On September 21-22 they will hold a 2-day ride down the whole length, fully supported, for $250. Proceeds go to an Altzheimer's foundation.

To ride you must first qualify in a shorter ride of about 50 miles. The qualifying rides are Aug 10, 25, 31, and Sept 1.

The website is When I tried it, it was down, possibly overloaded by the TV publicity.