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Any info on the NJ Pumpkin Patch ride in October?(6 posts)

Any info on the NJ Pumpkin Patch ride in October?DJT
Aug 5, 2002 11:42 AM
Any help or experiences would be helpful.
What type of info are you looking for? Did you see ..Pecos
Aug 9, 2002 4:12 AM
the post below? Ask, and I hope I can help.
The post is - NY,NJ PA Area RidePecos
Aug 9, 2002 4:14 AM
I noticed it just after I posted this thread...jose_Tex_mex
Aug 14, 2002 11:00 AM
I was just wondering if anyone on the board had done it before. I am interested in the long route and wish to know where it ends up - anywhere around the Meadowlands?

Thanks for the help - I'll check out the link.
I noticed it just after I posted this thread...Boomer
Aug 14, 2002 6:35 PM
It starts and ends in Jamesburg, NJ which is at exit 8 of the NJ Turnpike. It actually heads south from there and then back (at least it did last year). Last years ride was very chilly and windy (30s at the start). Rest stops were well manned and stocked.
Thanks for the positive review. The weather on ...Pecos
Aug 26, 2002 1:43 PM
the other hand was not what we ordered. I did the 62 mile distance and found that the wind was more of a problem than the temperature. I was actually dressed well and very comfortable.

We do try to put on an event we can be proud of. I have to say as one of the organizers that a lot goes into it. Lots of man hours and money. We choose to do the event in October as there are so many to attend during the Spring and Summer. We are just about the last of the season here in the East. If you like riding the country lanes of south/central NJ and you like pie, then please come and have a great day.