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A proposal to convert bicycle owners into "cyclists" ...(1 post)

A proposal to convert bicycle owners into "cyclists" ...Humma Hah
Aug 1, 2002 2:18 PM
Next month, I'll be moving about a mile up the road to a new neighborhood in Manassas, VA. This neighborhood is butt-deep in bicycles, some of them rather nice. Most of their riders think 10 miles is an epic ride, though.

I'm looking at this as an opportunity. Next spring, I'm planning on setting up a series of rides I'm calling a "deci-Brevet series". A Brevet series is a series of rides of graduated distance, starting at 200k, then 300, 400, and on up to 1200. The deci-Brevet distances would start at 20k, about 12.5 miles.

I would work out route sheets, post notices in the community center about the rides, and lead them. The routes would be designed for beginning and inexperienced riders at first, but might work up to more challenging road rides by the time we were at 120 km. The 20 km ride would explore the nearby Weems neighborhood, for example. The 30 km would run the bike trail on the Prince William Parkway.

Riders finishing this series would be covering substantial distances, and be ready for centuries and within striking distance of starting a real Brevet series.