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MB1's NSA-OCE Century, DC area ...(1 post)

MB1's NSA-OCE Century, DC area ...Humma Hah
May 8, 2002 3:47 PM
... MB1 posted a topic recently in the General Discussion area, noting that he and Miss M will probably do the NSA-OCE (No Shifting Allowed Or Coasting Either) century on their singlespeeds this weekend. This is an informal ride they do periodically, great fun, fairly flat, usually a casual pace, nice countryside and little traffic. My cruiser's perfect for it except it coasts. All RBR readers are welcome -- look up the topic on the General board.

But so you know, they're doing it Sunday. The little country stores along the route will be closed, so be prepared for 55 miles unsupported before you get to civilization and open stores and places to get lunch. I can do this no problem with a 2-liter hydration pack. One 16-oz water bottle ain't gonna cut it.

The ride is about 105 miles total.