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anyone in san diego want to help out a newbie?(10 posts)

anyone in san diego want to help out a newbie?nyedid
Apr 26, 2002 8:49 PM
so are there any riders in the la jolla (mount soledad) area who want to help a total newbie get started this summer when i return from college? I'm a 20-year old male college student who's just getting into road riding. i'd like to find a group ride that may be an informal gathering; the San Diego Bicycle Club rides looked somewhat intimidating. Are there informal groups in the La Jolla area that ride in regular groups? If riders aren't affiliated with a club or a group of any kind, do they ride alone/with friends/group? Thanks! --namir
re: anyone in san diego want to help out a newbie?HAL9010
May 1, 2002 2:56 PM
I ride solo from Rancho Penasquitos to Del Mar-Torrey Pines-la Jolla most weekends. I could stand some company every now and then. I know what you mean about the SDBC(I believe they have two "speed" groups) but you will be really whipped in to shape in no time if you give any group a chance.
some more infonyedid
May 1, 2002 8:27 PM
do you think it's a good idea to try and find a group, or should i spend the summer riding alone and working on putting in lots of base miles? i'd like to get a good amount of time on the coast highway. I live on Mount Soledad and would plan on riding down into downtown La Jolla, up to torrey pines road and going for as long as i can along the coast highway...hopefully getting longer as i get stronger. del mar is a good stopping point, it seems. i always see lots of cyclists at the starbucks in del mar on weekends (i used to live in del mar). thoughts?
Try both ...Humma Hah
May 2, 2002 3:49 PM
... I'd recommend you do most of your riding solo, no matter where you live. Simple reason: you want to ride at every excuse. Group rides take some prior arrangement, so people can schedule them. Riding with a group once or twice a week would be a great thing, but what do you do the rest of the time?

You'll definitely see other bikes on the PCH, particularly on weekends. A ride up to Carlsbad and back is a nice outing.

One of my favorite loops is something I call the Black Mountain Steeplechase (you have Black Mountain in view most of the way. Take Miramar Rd to Black Mountain road, Black Mtn north to ... um ... Ted Williams? East across the interstate, pick thru the neighborhoods on roads used by the Old Pros and Tour de Poway rides until you get to a short stretch of bike path that's actually on I-15. That gets you up into (durn my memory) couple of roads heading back west thru that big mutha lake up in the hills, over to Rancho Bernardo (no thong underwear, please -- they check). From there, there are three ways over to the PCH, where you go back south and home. Runs 50-55 miles depending on the options. You'll encounter fewer riders, but they're more hard core (gets a bit hilly for the weekend poseurs).

Its not bad. I rode it on the singlespeed cruiser several times.
Or try this...HAL9010
May 6, 2002 12:58 PM
Sounds like a version of one of my loops. From Rancho Penasquitos to the west along Black Mtn. Road/Carmel Valley Rd. to Del Mar. To Coast Hwy, south up Torrey pines grade to UCSD. Back track north to Carmel Valley road, to Sorrento Valley Rd., Carrol Canyon east, a few turns hear and there through the light industrial area between Miramar Rd. and Mira Mesa Bl. to Camino Ruiz, north to Mira Mesa Bl. Go east to the end of Mira Mesa Bl. left up Scripps Ranch Blvd, to (Left) Spring Canyon Rd. down Scripps Poway Pkwy and east. Left (north) on Community to Poway rd. east, left on Espola Road, left on Twin Peaks past Pomerado, Twin Peaks becomes Camino Del Norte to Carmel Mtn Rd. and left and back into Penasquitos... It is a about 60Mi or more route depending if you take a couple of extra wider side tracks here and there. Good hills (up and down), mostly quite if you start in the early morning Saturday and Sundays.

I ride this most weekends (and sub sections durring the week) as spouse and child duties allow and starting as soon as the light allows. I see others out along the Coast Hwy. of course but seldom have anybody "with me" going in the same direction.

It's a fun ride and allows for many variations on the route/theme.
My old stompin' grounds!Humma Hah
May 7, 2002 3:06 PM
... well, mashing grounds, anyway. The old cruiser and I have done all those roads -- Lived in Mira Mesa at Carroll Canyon and I-15.

Now you wanna get challenging from that route, get hold of a Tour de Poway route sheet. Wish I had my maps with me here. From Poway, there's a big climb, about 1200 ft at 8%, heading generally NE. Hooks up with a highway that goes to ... eh ... Ramona, I think, then loops back down with some bitchin' twisty downhills to the north end of Pomarado Rd and starts backtracking the Old Pros route.

Try it with 22 pounds of lead weights on your bike, lock the shifters into 2.5:1 gearing, and it'll be like doing it on the cruiser.
My old stompin' grounds!CurtSD
May 8, 2002 7:47 AM
I live in Mira Mesa. The 8% climb sounds like Poway Road climbing east to meet Hwy 67. A bit south of there Scripps Poway Parkway also climbs east at a 7% grade to meet Hwy 67. The twisty downhill stuff sounds like Highland Valley Road - runs from Hwy 67 just south of Ramona to Pomerado Road with some 9% sections. I went up it the weekend before last, and it kicked my butt.
Some other routes I like are:

1) From Mira Mesa, I Take Pomerado Road North, then get on I-15 North (there's a bike path). Get off at the first Exit (Via Rancho Pkwy). Go East on Via Rancho, then turn right on San Pasqual Valley Road (Hwy 78). This climbs through a canyon and gets a bit narrow and winding in places, but I've ridden it on weekends and traffic was light so it wasn't a problem. Hwy 78 goes to Ramona. In Ramona, turn right (South) onto Hwy 67. From 67, I take Scripps Poway Parkway back to Mira Mesa. This is about a 55 mile loop.

2) Go North on Sorrento Valley Road, then East on Carmel Valley Road to the coast highway. Then head North through Del Mar. Turn east on Via De La Valle. Bear right at Passeo Delicias, which turns into Del Dios Hwy. This runs around Lake Hodges into Escondido. Turn right on Via Rancho Pkwy. From there you can either a) head down I-15 one exit to Pomerado Road, then take Pomerado south back to Mira Mesa (or for a real workout, from Pomerado take Highland Valley Road up to Archie Moore Road to Hwy 67). Or b) go straight on Via Rancho East of I-15 to connect to ride 1) above. This is about a 50 mile loop if you head back on Pomerado, it's about 72 if you head go Highland Valley Road/Archie Moore/67/Scripps Poway Parkway, or about 75 if you connect it to 1).

Anyone else have any good San Diego Rides?
Parts of my loops backwards ...Humma Hah
May 8, 2002 3:40 PM
Great routes. I recognized the road names immediately -- you nailed 'em.

My Black Mtn Steeplechase mentioned earlier wanders up to the N end of Pomerado, takes that I-15 bike path, but goes W instead of E, up Via Ranch into the hills around Lake Hodges. The climb on that route kicks my butt, doubly-so on the cruiser. Picks up another Spanish-named route to SW, great scenery, bitchin' downhill, ends up in Rancho Bernardo, if I recall. From there, three choices for getting to the PCH, one of them is Via de Valle. The various choices give 50-60 miles for the loop from Mira Mesa.

Bike heaven, those roads.
Didn't see many roadie groups while I was there ...Humma Hah
May 1, 2002 5:15 PM
I moved from that general area about a year ago. I never encountered any general roadriding clubs. I do belong to the Vintage Bicycle Association, run by Jim Cunningham of CyclArt, in Vista -- if you have an old bike, they do monthly group rides.

Also, there's an active track community there, utilizing the San Diego Velodrome, across the canyon from the Zoo in Balboa Park. For a very reasonable fee, you can take a set of 6 track lessons, and they even provide a loaner bike. Most of the people taking the course belong to riding clubs.

There are several local events you may want to ride, where you can meet other riders. July 4 is usually the Scripps Ranch Old Pros ride (12, 28, and 50 milers) -- see Black Mountain Cycles for an entry form. In the fall you should have the Tour de Poway and Midnight Madness, among others.

The Amtrack Century, Irvine to San Diego, is a good beginner's century, run by the Orange County Wheelmen, and you'll encounter many cycling clubs on that ride. It usually in September: enter early as it sell out.
Dang! You're making me home-sick!rideslikeagirl
May 21, 2002 3:05 PM
We lived in the Gaslamp, so you'd be doing our usualy route backwards.

We would head out and around Mission Bay, hit the funky bike path along the wash to the road at the In and Out that takes you to the bike path along the train tracks. At the end of that, hit the road thru the university and hwy 1 to Torrey Pines.

Just an out and back ride. Seems like it was somewhere around 45 miles.

Sometimes we would go by Sea World and thru Pacific Beach on, oh crud, um, started with a J or G, and that would take you to the bottom of the tough climb to the cross. Then over to La Jolla and Torrey Pines.

Ah, the good ol' days.