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Looking for a Loop in L.A.(3 posts)

Looking for a Loop in L.A.manofsteel
Mar 25, 2002 9:28 PM
I live in the San Gabriel Valley and am searching for a loop (famous or not) around the Foothills. On alternate weekends, I have to make the trek down to Orange County's famous Santiago Canyon loop and up to Santa Clarita's Boquet/Vasquez canyon ride (not exactly what you call a loop, just an out and back). For anyone who has not ridden these roads yet, you should, the SC loop feels like an organized century with all the riders out there. Seems like I live in an area too busy for 30+ mile loops. So just to keep myself busy during the week, the ride from my work in Glendale to the Rose Bowl will have to suffice until the weekends come around. I know there are plenty of clubs who do group rides around this area. But I'd rather save my money for my bike instead of paying club fees and such. Funny thing is, I'm the only one amongst my buddies who is NOT from Irvine or Santa Clarita. Which is why I have to log more miles on the auto in order to get quality miles in the saddle. BTW, I'm a climber who craves speed as well just so you're wondering. I was a member of my high school cycling team 12 years ago who just a year ago reintroduced myself into this great sport. Was MTN biking for a couple of years. Then came the transition. The sport is much more fun and certainly faster these days. The technology now as opposed to 10+years ago is mind boggling. I'd appreciate if anyone (from the L.A. area no less) can share your roads with me. I just want to keep riding my bike! Please help!
re: Looking for a Loop in L.A.stevemtb
Mar 27, 2002 9:05 AM
A nice ride that I've done is to start on the coast in Malibu, usually at Michael Landon Park, at the junction of PCH and Malibu Canyon. Ride PCH north to Kanan Road. Turn right (only way to turn). Ride to Agoura Road (in Agoura Hills).Turn left. Ride to Las Virgines/Malibu Canyon, turn right. Take Malibu Canyon back to PCH and your vehicle. I forget the total miles, probably somewhere around 40-50 miles. There are some great views.
re: Looking for a Loop in L.A.OwenMeany
Mar 28, 2002 5:41 AM
I too am looking for good rides, I am new(ish) to LA..if you don't mind traffic, I am having fun on some "city" rides..Up the hill (Beverly Glen or Coldwater Cyn) along Mullholland, down San Vicente to PCH to Topanga or Malibu Canyon....

Could you fill me in with a bit more info on the Santigo and the Bouquet/Vasquez Whare are they exactly?

The is a ride I have herd of in you area calle the "Sunrise loop"..don't know the details..but migh go up route 2...