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Looking for road bike groups in Torino, Italy.(1 post)

Looking for road bike groups in Torino, Italy.ZvierBoy
Sep 7, 2001 9:04 AM

I moved (job reloc) recently to Turin, Italy. I am having a lot fun riding here on my own but I would like to start riding in organized groups. Are there any people posting here(or lurkers, if so please respond :-) ) from Italy or Torino especially that could offer some advises where to go, how to get started etc?

I searched the net already and found a site that has some info on races/clubs in Torino but not speaking too much Italian I am a bit hesitant to jump in straight on and would prefer someone to ease me in. I found that the people here are very nice and helpful but sometimes it is hard to find someone who speaks English and I guess this is my major reason why I hesitate about showing up to the rides posted on the website I found.