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RAGBRAI = Corporte greed(2 posts)

RAGBRAI = Corporte greedGrinder
Jul 20, 2001 3:30 AM
The latest blurb from the masses;

We have it from reliable sources (a Marne native who
is the son of a Marne city council member)that, after
initially signing on with RAGBRAI, Marne balked and
tried to get out of their part of the agreement and
that the big-bad-bloated Register pulled out their
legalese, threats, big-stick, etc. to keep Marne from
doing so. At that point, Marne committed a good part
of their small town savings money and for the beer
tent and other preparations, (including things foisted
upon them by the Register such as a certain number of
Kybos, etc.) to try to pay back their expenses for
hosting Ragbraii and to try to make some money for the

They advertised the big beer tent bash and the next
thing you know the hypocritical Register is "changing
the route" on them to keep people steering clear of
Marne. I wonder if the suds and other festivities
in Marne were going to compete too much with some lame
"official Ragbrai beer tent" serving Bud Light and $5

I encourage everyone to go the few miles out of the
"official route", drink beer, eat, support, and have
fun in Marne, and then take the necessary steps to
relieve themselves of the beer on the nearest
convenient Register vehicle they can find.

Adding on to this, what about the corporate
sponsorship kick-backs, who's pocket is this going
into? For the masses who believe the DSM Register
trying to focus this issue on safety, have you ever
had an original thought in your life or do you believe
those manipulated statistics you see in the media.
Kids riding bicycles on sidewalks are in more danger
of being ran over by their own parents backing the SUV
out of the driveway, then being hit by a car while
road riding on a busy highway.
re: RAGBRAI = Corporte greedDanO
Jul 31, 2001 7:52 AM
Marne did better than any town on the route b/c of the publicity. Don't bi+ch too much at the Ragbrai organizers, they do what than can to accomodate 10,000+ riders- That's a chore! If you want to see a town that got the royal shaft, take a look at Mingo. They were on the map. They had the Kybos. They had the food, water, etc. But few riders went through because it was coned off and officers were steering people around. Mingo got screwed. Marne is rolling in their own stink, they did so well.