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RAGBRAI and tours in general(1 post)

RAGBRAI and tours in generalGrinder
Jul 18, 2001 8:04 AM
Taken fron the GRABAAWR board.

10,000 bikers, 3,000 in Sports Bras

It's a great family vacation, if you don't bring the family.

Using KYBOS or Zippers for alarm clocks.

AeroBars were invented for Women by Men.

Iowa is not flat, Iowa is uneven.

Winds are predominatently out of the West.

Religious women know how to cook.

500 miles in 7 days / all you can eat and not gain a pound.

500 miles in 7 days / no sex and who cares.

When you say "On your left" it really means, look right for scenery.

When someone else says "On your left", it really means. look left
for scenery.

Saying "Thank you" when passing, really means "Thank you".

If it is White it is underwear, any other color it is "Athletic

If she can ride 500 miles in 7days and sleep in a tent, marry her.

Where corn fields are labeled MEN and WOMEN.

Where you learn to achieve complete privacy in a KYBO while 20
people wait in line.

Where you learn that bicycles CAN cause grid-lock.

Where it is socially acceptable to strike up a conversation with
other people waiting in line for the same KYBO.

Where a woman who has been riding all week wearing a sports top
looks like a raccoon when she puts on here bikini top.

Where you search from church to church until you find one that
hasn't run out of food.

Where an air conditioned church serving "all you can eat"
spaghetti is easily confused with Heaven.

Where you always disobey the manufacturer's instructions and pack
your tent while it is still wet.

Where rising before dawn to get an early start on the road
is "normal".

Where the temperature keeps rising until the sun goes down. Then
it levels off.

Where water consumption per person is measured in gallons.