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Ovarian Cancer ride(1 post)

Ovarian Cancer rideMichael Rodger
Jun 21, 2001 9:05 AM
On Novemeber 20, 2000 my 18 year old daughter Meagan died from Ovarian Cancer. the diagnosis was sudden and brutal and our daughter passed away only 5 months after she was diagnosed. I learned more about this killer and cancer in general than I ever wanted to know. Over the next year 2,500 Canadian Mothers, sisters and daughters will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. More than 25,000 American Mothers, sisters and daughters will be diagnosed. The four year mortanlity rate is 70%.

When Meagan died I knew that I needed to get the word out about this killer. September is Ovarian Cancer awareness month. On September 17 I will be riding with other like minded persons from Ottawa to Toronto. A distance of about 650 kilometers. We will arrive inToronto on September 25 with lots of community stops along the way. This is a fully supportted ride and I still need a few riders to join our team. The team is a rag tag mix of keeners, not-so-keeners, big hearts, and big butts like myself. We still have rrom for some riders so if you are interested in joining us, volunteering or sponsoring this ride drop me a line at I am working with the National Ovarian Cancer Association. We will have a website up in a few days and the site is called

Michael Rodger