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how to get from Trenton to Philadelphia safely?(3 posts)

how to get from Trenton to Philadelphia safely?climbo
Apr 9, 2001 10:43 AM
I am planning to ride to the USPRO race in Philadelphia in June, where's the best way to cross the Delaware? Safest routes/roads in to the race course area around the city or Manayunk? I'm not familiar with the area at all so might try the route before hand. I hear parking's a hassle so I figured a nice ride would be the solution.
re: how to get from Trenton to Philadelphia safely?Jack Daniels
Apr 18, 2001 8:10 PM
Hi. I will be living in Trenton this summer. Let me know if you need somoene to ride with. Road or MTB
re: how to get from Trenton to Philadelphia safely?Roy Zipris
May 25, 2001 6:02 AM
I'm not able to suggest a single route to bike ride the entire way but I can offer a couple of suggestions.
1. You might check out the fairly new PA Bike Route S, which I think you can pick up somewhere in lower Bucks County. I think you can get information on the route from the PA state government web site.
2. You can cross the Delaware at Washington Crossing and pick up some beautiful local roads through Bucks County into Philadelphia. Or cross at Lambertville again into Bucks County, but that will leave you to find an alternative cross-county route to heavily-car-trafficked Rte 202.
3. Take the SEPTA train from Trenton directly into Center City Philadelphia with your bike! Both the R3 from West Trenton and the R7 from Trenton stop at Suburban Station, leaving you about 4-5 blocks from Ben Franklin Parkway part of the race and the finish line area.
Regards, Roy Zipris