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My New Hetchins Curly(2 posts)

My New Hetchins CurlyDannyBoy
Feb 1, 2004 6:35 PM
I'm in a quandary about what to do with my latest bike project, which is a new build Hetchins (see for a bit of the history and some recent production). Please bare in mind this isn't a true retro project (apart from the frame & fork) & I can't afford to source old/genuine retro components.

As back ground I currently have a 2002 Record equipped race bike, and a 2001 Chorus equipped trainer. Both are nice custom-built steel frames.

My initial intention was simply to swap out the components from my training bike. After more thought it's a shame to use the Hetchins as a daily training bike. I guess can go one of three ways;

1) Swap out the Chorus kit to the Hetchins and buy something like Centaur for the training bike.
2) Go wild and buy new 2004 Chorus for the Hetchins (although the modern carbon and retro steel might seem diametrically opposed to one another in most retro lovers eyes).
3) Try and source more suitable new components for the Hetchins i.e. less carbon.

I'm just not sure of the best thing to do in terms of the Hetch, and my pocket. My gut says stick the old carbon free 2001 Chorus onto the Hetch and buy cheaper bits for the daily bike, but part of me wants to treat the new frame to new bits – either way the wife is mad about the expense!!!

Thoughts and alternative specification ideas would really be welcomed. I don't always get to look at this site as often as I'd like, so e-mails to would also be appreciated.

re: My New Hetchins Curlyvosyer
Feb 2, 2004 1:02 AM
There is always a tough call between retro and modern and sometimes more reliable new drive trains. I did a in between thing with my Masi and my 1969 Paramount. I bought 8 speed Ergo Campy shifters off E-Bay, bought (new) racing triple cranks and der's (which are still available online), and then I spead the frames to 130. My new project is a 1971 Mondia frame, which is currently spaced 120 - I'm thinking about doing retro Dura-ace (6 or 7 speed) - looking at ebay tonight there is lots of nice inexpensive stuff available - accept large range frewheels.