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The Schwinn(7 posts)

The SchwinnSenorPedro
Jan 29, 2004 8:06 PM
So here it is; I am picking up a BMX chain tomorrow at the LBS and it will be done. Total cost: ~ $15

Threw on an old leather saddle, roadie stem, and an old Kore flat bar to make a frankenbike coffee cruiser. Gotta love the coaster brake.

Pic 2SenorPedro
Jan 29, 2004 8:07 PM
Pic 3SenorPedro
Jan 29, 2004 8:09 PM
Looks like fun, Enjoy!...nmrwbadley
Jan 29, 2004 10:16 PM
wow! that looks really nicelaffeaux
Feb 2, 2004 10:34 AM
That's a really clean looking bike!!
Jan 30, 2004 9:54 PM
Man, you should've kept the Krate fenders...
sacrificed for weight reasons? heheheh...nmrwbadley
Jan 31, 2004 9:16 AM