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Q: Vintage Bike - best to part out or sell whole ?(8 posts)

Q: Vintage Bike - best to part out or sell whole ?scopestuff2
Jan 14, 2004 1:40 PM
I have a Windsor Professional circa late 70's. Columbus frame, beautiful drilled/chromed lugs, brooks saddle, two sets of wheels with Campy record hubs (one set clinchers, the other tubulars) both with 5spd Regina freewheels, Campy Nuevo Record derailleurs, Campy BB and Crank with drilled chainrings, Drilled campy brake levers, DuraAce brakes, Brooks saddle, etc. It looks very much like a Cinelli of the same era. In fact, I've read that it is not unusual to find a Windsor Pro with Cinelli decals .. they are that similar.

I searched the web and found that these bikes, with one wheel set, have a value between $700-$800. I advertised on the local craigslist a couple times (SF Bay Area which has a very active cycling community on craigslist) for $700 with both wheelsets. No serious bites.

This site does not seem to have a big vintage community (at least on the classifieds). Ebay seems to get premium prices for components. Would I be better off parting this out on eBay ? Any suggestions ?

BTW .. this is a serious post. It is not a troll in place of placing an ad. I'm trying to determine the best place/method of selling the bike. If it turns out that it's RBR, then I will be placing an ad here.

Thank you in advance !
re: Q: Vintage Bike - best to part out or sell whole ?wspokes
Jan 14, 2004 7:20 PM
I will share this with you...I have seen SL frameset Windsors sell for $15 in fabulous condition at swaps and I have seen them go for $350. You might be better testing the waters as a whole bike with a reasonable reserve set in mind, maybe $600 or so with a slightly higher buy it now of $700. Then place the starting bid low and see what it goest to...if it stops and ends at $500, it tells you what it is worth. You may want to settle at that price and can contact offlist. It may go higher.

The market is really strange right now. At a swap in State College I watched a really cool looking Grandis in great condition sell for $20. I watched a windsor go for $15 at Trexlertown. Then there are other swaps I see stuff I wouldn't pay $20 for go for $100. It is strange. Ebay may be your best testing grounds. Good luck!
re: Q: Vintage Bike - best to part out or sell whole ?vosyer
Jan 14, 2004 11:39 PM
It's a sad state of affairs, but in my experience I have gotten a lot more $$ parting out bikes. At times I've even felt guilty for what I've sold late 60's campy parts for. By doing that I've gotten really nice frames for almost nothing. I then get faced with the issue of $400 for a frame repaint, a potential frame spread, sometimes alittle tweecking to the fork. I also find that there is a clear distinction between riders of old bikes and collectors of old bikes.
re: Q: Vintage Bike - best to part out or sell whole ?wspokes
Jan 15, 2004 4:39 AM
I agree, big distinction tween the riders of old bikes and collector's bikes! I was recently quoted $150 for a complete repaint including clearcoating, and a bit of a design on the frame. creme headtube and barber striped creme seat tube. Not bad pricing on that!!

I hate to part bikes out as well but have done it without hesitation lately. I just did it with a Hercules because I knew there would be no interest in the frameset because it was low low quality as compared with the components. I will probably make more from popping off the headbadge as well! How sad is that!!

I forgot to mention before that frame sizing will play a role in the price as well! Bigger and smaller have less desirability sometimes. Right now, it is a buyers market, like I said. I picked up 3 nice ones lately for low dollars.
re: Q: Vintage Bike - best to part out or sell whole ?scopestuff2
Jan 15, 2004 7:15 PM
Thank you both for the replies.

Regarding the buyers market, is that due to it being winter or just a general trend in cycling ? I think that I'm going to get an ebay seller account and follow the advice above. At least it will give me a sense of market value - and may result in a sale. Guess it's time to get a seller account, figure out the fees, get a paypal account, etc.

Thank you again for the replies !
what condition are the wheels in?laffeaux
Jan 19, 2004 12:05 AM
What condition are your clincher wheels in?

I have a set of very good condition tubulars with 126 Campy hub and Mavic GP 4 rims that I'd trade for 120mm Record hubs on clincher rims in similar condition.

I posted on SF CraigsList to see if anyone was interested swaping but have had no replies.
Oh, BROTHER!!Dave_Stohler
Jan 21, 2004 10:13 PM
An even trade of tubular wheelsets for clinchers? C'Mon-everybody knows that tubular wheelsets sell for about half what a similar clincher set goes for.
what condition are the wheels in?scopestuff2
Jan 25, 2004 3:18 PM
The clinchers are MINT. They have about 24 miles on them (a 9 mile ride and a 15 mile ride). Custom/hand-built wheels, but only ridden twice as I rode the sew-ups even after getting the clinchers. They were built for me by my sister who was a Nationally ranked track cyclist at the time.

Howver, I'm going to follow the advice given from the folks above. I'm getting an eBay seller account, a PayPal account, etc, and will post to eBay to see if I can sell the whole thing. I may wait til spring or early summer when more people have bikes on their mind. Then again, might be better to post in the winter as people are looking for cycling related winter projects. I'm fairly new to cycling, after a couple decade hiatus, so I'm not real market savvy yet.

In either case, I have no need for the tubulars you have for trade, but thank you for the offer.