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Nashbar Toure Alpha 5000 frame... need info(1 post)

Nashbar Toure Alpha 5000 frame... need infoAuriaprottu
Jan 10, 2004 6:11 PM
I bought this frame (built up as a complete bike) on ebay a few weeks ago. I'll describe it here, in case my image doesn't load. It's a lugged, triple-butted Ishiwata cro-moly frame in the "triple triangle" style (think GT or Colnago Equilateral). Long reach brakes, downtube shifters, horizontal dropouts. Bike came with 27" wheels. What attracted me to it was the GT shape and the lugs- a unique combo I'd never seen before. It's a nice frame, I guess about the level of a Bridgestone or something. I emailed Nashbar, but they're just an online shop, I guess, because no one there seems to have any info about the frame. I'm trying to determine the year and the factory. Thanks in advance.