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28 hole 24" rim?(2 posts)

28 hole 24" rim?38eighteen
Jan 6, 2004 7:52 PM
I am rebuilding a early '70s Raleigh kids road bike. The rear wheel looks like it has been run over by a car and is badly damaged. I want to re-use the 3-speed hub but it is 28 hole. I have done a bit of research and cannot find a 24" rim in 28 hole.

My current solution is to use the original front rim on the back wheel and use a complete wheel of a different (newer, cheap rubbish) off a different bike. I would really like to get the original front hub back on the bike.

It (obviously) had steel rims originally but as I plan for this to be ridden by my son I would like to put alloy rims on if I go to the expense of buying some.

Any suggestions?


Look in AEBike.comKathy
Jan 18, 2004 1:10 PM
I was just there looking for some odd stuff and saw they had 24" road wheels. I didn't check to see what the drilling was, but it's worth a check. Otherwise, find a shop with a QBP catalog to see if they've got some. Third, check out the Terry website - She makes bikes with 24" front wheels and might also sell replacement rims. Again, I don't know what the drilling will be.