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Alan Frame(3 posts)

Alan FrameFix-ated
Dec 3, 2003 11:56 AM

Near as I can tell it is from the late '70's...Alan aluminum...but the cool thing is, the cable guides are all chrome and bolted on...

I planned on making it a Fixed gear, but am half tempted to find some vintage campy parts and make a retro. Any info on the frame that anyone can provide would be appreciated.

re: Alan Frametube_ee
Dec 4, 2003 10:05 AM
This looks to be an Alan from the '70s, in the 80s they used glued-in guides. Alan frames are probably the most reliable bonded AL frames ever made, the tubes and lugs are threaded. The lugs were painted with glue and then the tubes were screwed onto them. I've never heard of one coming apart. The Alan is probably the only bonded AL frame still in production, now sold as the 303 Alu.

Very flexible frame, so I don't know if it'd make a good fixie. They are wonderful road bikes, light, comfortable and quite durable. This one is probably 120 mm rear spacing, so you'ld be limited to 6 speeds, and only if you use Suntour Ultra-6 frewheels. Otherwise 5 is it. I don't know what the seller is asking, but I wouldn't pay more than 300 bucks for it. I'm no authority on vintage bike prices, but thats what I've seen them go for on e-bay.

re: Alan Framesatanas
Dec 15, 2003 5:16 AM
I'd say it's pre-1978 as I worked in a shop that sold Alans then and they had the bonded/screwed on downtube bosses, bidon mount and cable guides/chainstay stop then.

It looks like a Competition - these had the seatstay attachment method shown; Supers were a bit more elegant. If the steerer tube is steel (not alu) this would tend to confirm that as Supers were alu. (The Super and Competition were the models around in 1978, before that I have no info.)

I agree with Shannon that these are great frames - please don't hack it up!!!!