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Advice on Paint Scheme for Hetchins Curly Frame.(2 posts)

Advice on Paint Scheme for Hetchins Curly Frame.DannyBoy
Nov 30, 2003 4:34 PM
I'm not sure if many of you will be familiar with the UK built Hetchins Curly? Anyhow the company still build about 12 of these retro designed frames a year and I have one in the pipeline.

My only problem is in chosing a paint scheme, and describing it to a guy on the opposite side of the globe (I live in NZ). If anyone's interested shows many examples of the old and new bikes and what is typical.

I'm keen to come up with something really nice, but in keeping with the genre.

I've actually been toying with using a metalic purple as the main colour (I'm trying to stay away from blue as my other two bikes are blue), perhaps with some white panels etc (lugs will be in typical chrome, and probably lined in gold etc).

Any advice, or links to other suitable sites and pictures would be a help. I've been through classic rendezvous and am still sadly lacking inspiration.

Any one wishing to e-mail links or snaps directly to me can do so on

Nov 30, 2003 7:10 PM
That's one of the few bikes out there that really gets me all hot and bothered. You could paint it flat gray and it'd still be a head turner.

If the lugs are chromed I'd stay away from lining them with anything. Too busy. Metallic purple looks real nice I think. There's a Trek 760 in the gallery on in that color with red and gold accents that I kinda like (since its mine)

and another metallic purple bike on in the visuals forum (under Halestorm):

Personally, I'd keep it classically simple. This is my favorite paint job o' the week....