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Does any one use dropbolts ? (dropbolt qestion..)(4 posts)

Does any one use dropbolts ? (dropbolt qestion..)gspot
Nov 8, 2003 2:09 PM
Hi all, i have been lurking this forum for a while, and you all have some very nice bikes.
I have an old 27" wheeled bike that i'd like to put some 700c wheels on it in the future. To do this, i will need a dropbolt to make the brakes work. But on Sheldon's site, he says that dropbolts won't work with shimano or any dual pivot calipers. why is this? is there another way to get around this..? I want to eventually have dual pivot brakes on a 27" wheeled frame. So is some kind of dropbolt in order, or another solurtion..
( link to sheldon's article on dropbolts )
Here you go!VW
Nov 8, 2003 8:39 PM

Drop Bolts for Modern Campy/Shimano Brakes

Yep, you read right! Finally, dropbolts that fit either modern Campy or Shimano current production dual pivot brakes are available! If you have an older frame but want modern stopping power, your wait is over! Best of all, these bolts are each available in all the lengths needed for allen or nut, front or rear! These are sold individually. NOTE: These DO NOT fit older Campy brakes such as Nuovo/Super Record. At the current time we're hoping to find a source for drop bolts for the classic calipers (under discussion with one possible source at this time).
Drop bolt for Campy front nut, $39.00, BRD-CFN
Drop bolt for Campy front allen or rear nut, $39.00, BRD-CFA
Drop bolt for Campy allen rear, $39.00, BRD-CRA
Drop bolt for Shimano front nut, $39.00, BRD-SFN
Drop bolt for Shimano front allen or rear nut, $39.00, BRD-SFA
Drop bolt for Shimano front allen rear, $39.00, BRD-SRA

One More Thing!!VW
Nov 8, 2003 8:44 PM
Last time I ordered from this guy, he was really slow shipping my order. If you are not in a hurry and not sweating it, your order will show-up at you door one day when you don't expect it!

Even Sheldon Brown sells them!!VW
Nov 8, 2003 8:57 PM

NEW! Drop Bolts for Dual Pivot Brakes! $44.95 Each
We thought it was impossible, but one of our suppliers has come up with drop bolt assemblies that let you use modern dual-pivot brakes on older frames that have higher mounting holes.

DB-S1 Long
Shimano Front Nutted DB-S2 Medium
Shimano Front Recessed/Rear Nutted DB-S3 Short
Shimano Rear Recessed
DB-C1 Long
Campagnolo Front Nutted DB-C2 Medium
Campagnolo Front Recessed/Rear Nutted DB-C3 Short
Campagnolo Rear Recessed

Yes, they are expensive, but there's quite a bit to them...and if you need them, there's nothing else that will work so well.
Installation is not trivial. The spring must be disconnected, and one of the arm pivots disassembled, then re-adjusted. The thin shim washers are then used to put the drop bolt assembly at the 12 o'clock position.