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Tubulars for a late 80s De Rosa(2 posts)

Tubulars for a late 80s De RosaAndrewR
Oct 18, 2003 6:55 PM
I have been out of cycling for about 20 years and recently bought a late 80s DeRosa with clinchers. I want to convert to tubulars and am looking for suggestions of period correct, high-end tires. Was Clement still in business in Italy in the late 80s? Any other ideas?

Andrew Rasmusen
re: Tubulars for a late 80s De Rosadesmo
Oct 20, 2003 2:16 PM
Not a slam on tubulars as I still run them on my 70's bike, but by the late 80's I think clinchers were getting somewhat decent so it would not be a crime to run them on your DeRosa. That Michelin kevlar clincher with the gum sidewall and red stripe is a really nice riding, super long lasting tire that looks good on an older bikes. As far as current tubulars, I like Conti Sprinters for the price/performance but they don't really have a vintage look. Stay away from the the new incarnation of Clement cheapo Tawain sew-ups. I tried a pair on my fixie and they are pure junk.