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Trexlertown Swap Report(1 post)

Trexlertown Swap Reportwspokes
Oct 6, 2003 6:01 AM
For Retro and Classic fans, it was an excellent year. There were many old lugged style framesets and many old parts there this year. I personally did not buy up anything because I was basically swamped selling stuff from my parent's booths. I missed out barely on a few items. One was a nicely lugged, chrome half stays Windsor frameset in a 58.5cm c-t...$20. I could have kicked myself on this one.Another friend picked up an old cyclo benelux rear derailleur for $5. There were many more to look at and some really good prices on some items. It was a good time overall if you could hack the constant raindrops and cold weather. In the end, I saw a great deal of friends and classic minded folks. Anyone make any good scores at the swap?