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Mondia(7 posts)

Sep 29, 2003 6:49 AM
I'm not too up to date on older bikes and components, so I need a little help here. I bought a Mondia Special w/ Reynolds tubes and Nervex lugs. The chrome is in very good condition, but the paint (three color fade to chrome)is pretty bad. My original intention was to probably make it a fixie, but now I am considering a restoration. Everything seems to function pretty well, so paint is primary concern. It has N Record R der, Record hubs w/ flanges, and the rest is all Brev Campagnolo ( whatever that is), except for the brakes which are Mafac Racers. Hoops are Fiamme, and Stem is an adjustable TTT mod record and handlebars are TTT.

I also latched onto a Takara which I know to be a mid level Japanese import. It has 27" wheels, and a mix of Suntour and DiaCompe components along with some Takara house brand stuff. I pumped it up and 2 days later it is still ridable. The best part of the Takara is the Unicanitor saddle w/the campy seat post, and the great condition Esge (eske?) fenders. How does one re-color a saddle, or do you?. It's in pretty good shape except for color. If I elect to re-paint the Mondia, how do you best protect the new paint from all the clamp-ons nec.? The shifters, pump and water bottle holders all had clamp-on devices which contributed to the paint damage. I'm thinking of putting the fenders and saddle on the Mondia. The Takara is probably not worth much time or $$.
Any and all advice welcome,
re: Mondia - which Reynolds tubeset?bicyclerepairman
Sep 29, 2003 11:29 AM
Probably 531 , tho they did use some 531crwbadley
Sep 29, 2003 4:26 PM
re: Mondiadave woof
Sep 29, 2003 7:48 PM
I had a Mondia Criterium Prestige a million years ago. Head tube finally cracked. I think it was Reynolds 531.

re: Mondiapedalruns
Sep 29, 2003 8:31 PM
"Brev" I like we(U.S.)use the word "patent" or "made by", so nearly all the old campy stuff has brev campagnolo... and sometimes you see patent campagnolo...My old down tube shifters say patent, but everything else says brev.

I think the Reynolds 531 is a good steel tubing. I'm not familier with Mondia?
re: MondiaBirddog
Sep 30, 2003 4:39 PM
Yes, it is Reynolds 531 and they are butted. Today I pumped up the tubies and rode around the parking lot. Everything works OK as is. The chainrings are 52/45, never heard of anything like that. It has a rather long wheelbase 104.5 cm, and the bb is pretty low, even with the 170 crank arms, its very low. The cable housings for the shifters look like "choke cable" housings, is that normal for the era?
re: MondiaCalvin
Oct 31, 2003 5:38 AM
Mondia is still around, and still made in Switzerland. Meet the US distributor in Vegas this year. The nice paint jobs seem to be a thing of the past, if you can call them nice.

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