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Please help ID this Alan frame(3 posts)

Please help ID this Alan framewoofers
Sep 25, 2003 9:44 PM
Can anyone identify the model/year of this Alan frame?

I bought the entire bike for around $300 two months ago.
Alan Super!satanas
Oct 9, 2003 12:25 PM
The frame appears to be an ALAN Super. These were made from the late 70s until at least the mid 80s. Some of the Sprint frames were similar in appearance, but had a laterally ovalised top tube, and many/most had vertical dropouts, rather than horizontal as on the frame shown.

Note the the original fork would have had round fork blades bonded into a fork crown engraved with "ALAN", and an aluminium steerer tube. Most ALAN forks were all silver, but some (earlier/mid production?) had blades anodised the same colour as the frame.

Two things to be careful of: it's hard to tell from the picture, but it seems as if the cable stops might be clamped to the downtube, rather than bolted to the bosses. If so, this is likely to cause frame breakage - the original downtube bosses should *NEVER* be replaced with any form of clamp!

Secondly, ALAN were insistent that a layer of cloth handlebar tape be placed under the front derailleur clamp "to stop irritating noise", and occasionally a broken seat tube if the clamp had sharp edges.

Under the bottom bracket there is a frame size, ie 52x53 etc. This is the seat tube C-C and top tube C-C in cm. Maybe other info too? -- it's been a long time. There may also be numbers on the right side of the seat tube, just below the seat lug, or thereabouts. If I remember rightly, this included info including the year (and date?) of manufacture.

If well cared for the frame should remain in virtually new condition/appearance indefinitely.

These were great frames for lighter riders, really light and comfy with great roadholding. The original forks had great lateral rigidity, so they descended really well. I'd still be riding one of these frames if I hadn't (foolishly) sold it to finance an overseas trip .

The bike really should have Super Record; all the ones we sold did...
Wow, cool!woofers
Oct 15, 2003 12:31 AM
Thanks for the info. The seat tube is 48 or 49cm C-C IIRC. I'll check again as soon as I get home. The cable stops are bolted to the downtube.

I'll also try to post some pics of the underside of the bottom bracket and other details if it will help identify more accurately the year it was made.

> The bike really should have Super Record;
> all the ones we sold did...

I got it with a 105 groupset (8spd/double). This is my first road bike, and I got it for pretty darn cheap a couple months ago so I'm not complaining.