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"77 Mystery Frame(1 post)

"77 Mystery FrameNiall
Aug 28, 2003 8:06 PM
I am a mechanic at a northern minnesota bike shop, i was ecstatic when i recently received an older bike from a friend of mine, when he gave it to me he said that it had been custom built for him in 1977 the bike was outfitted entirely with campagnolo nuovo record components mounted in a beautifully fabricated lugged steel frame, although i will not be at ease until i can find the origin of this frame because the original paint had been removed and replaced by solid blue leaving the only markings on the bike to be the campagnolo dropuots and the number on the bottom bracket that reads "OKC 7704" with a solitary "F" on the opposite side of the B.B. shell, if someone could please tell me what this is it would be very much appreciated