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Changed one wheel, both tires on the cruiser, and ...(1 post)

Changed one wheel, both tires on the cruiser, and ...Humma Hah
Aug 26, 2003 1:15 PM
... durn, is it sweet. I picked up some surplus wheels a few years back, Shimano HG 26" MTB wheels. I yanked off the corncob ib the rear wheel and put on a SS freewheel, to replace the old Schwinn rear when the coasterbrake got buggered a couple of years back.

This weekend I finally got the chance to put the matching front on the cruiser. It was also a good time to retire the front 26x1 3/4 Westwind, with its 29-year-old Schwinn thorn-resistant tube (still holding air fine, with only one patch), and the heavy duty Schwinn front wheel it was on, to preserve them for posterity or show.

I put on a pair of 26x1.9 Ascents: nice fat slicks with a few criss-cross rain grooves. They should be OK on the C&O towpath for the Tour de Canal in a couple of weekends, and are more efficient than what I'd been running on the street.

Its also pretty nice to have a ROUND front wheel. The old S7 rim was a warhorse, but had take its dings, and braking was a bit uneven. The new rim is so smooth it almost feels like I've lost braking power, but it stops effectively.

I don't know if the tires are really THAT much more efficient, but what was a smooth-riding bike before, now feels positively silky, and seems to have decidedly less drag.

I hung onto that front wheel and retro tire for sentimental purposes, but I gotta admit, the new one put a smile on my face.