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Happy new (old) Gios Torino owner!(2 posts)

Happy new (old) Gios Torino owner!curtybirdychopper
Aug 20, 2003 2:46 PM
Thank you rbr and Dennis. I bought this early 80s full campy record Gios from a great guy in the rbr classifieds. I'm very pleased with the condition and am anxious to take it out.

Do any of you have suggestions for a seat, I may eventually replace the one on this bike. I might also add a bottle cage. And find some toe straps or shoes with clips that work with these original campy pedals. These are the only things I'd probably add/replace.

Also, can any of you correctly place the model year of this bike. I know it is early 80s, probably 81 or 82, so the previous, original owner said. I think the single decal may be the biggest clue as other similar models had 3 or 2 decals total.

Thanks or your comments.
re: Happy new (old) Gios Torino owner!pedalruns
Aug 23, 2003 3:15 PM
Nice bike!

A guy in my area, still rides his Torino(he is the original owner).. Looks just like yours, his components have been changed, but it is still mostly campy and old style.. I think his is from the early 80's but don't know exactly.