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I really want this bike!!(3 posts)

I really want this bike!!Qubeley
Aug 19, 2003 7:26 PM
I just finished the Gios, a beauty. I ride it all the time now. However, instead of being satisfied, I found myself wanting more..
And my lastest addiction is the last generation of real Bianchi--those from early to mid-ninties, with lugged steel frame with either Columbus or Dedaccai tubing. Internal cable routing a must.(call me quasi-retro all you want, but there are some old stuff I just can't digest).
Found this on eaby today, everything I am looking for, except size. Darn it!
I don't believe this model is THAT hard to find, a Veloce from the same time will do too. But so far, I am having no lcuk. Color doesn't matter as I plan on re-paint the frame anyway, give it a little more sky blue, chrome the lugs and maybe a classic white panel and some customizing to make it "mine".
If you have one with 52cm top-tube and 51cm seat tube, and you are not riding it, please be kind and pass it to a fellow bike lover. I am broke, but for a real bike, I am willing to dig deeper..
Oh man.girchygirchy
Aug 19, 2003 10:12 PM
That is gorgeous, I can see why you find them so appealing. After I get out of school and can afford a road bike, I can almost definately see myself passing up the new rides for a classic. A nice celeste Bianchi would be perfect.

If not, whatever I buy will be steel at the minimum, but I'll try my best for a chrome fork, rear triangle, and lugs. The Tommasini Techno comes to mind, and it's decently affordable...comes in a great blue shade too. I'll just have to be patient...

I have that bike!wspokes
Aug 20, 2003 3:35 AM
I have this exact bike! Mine is a 59cm. Early 90s. Columbus SBX tubing, chrome stays. Mix of componentry from SR to C-record to modern. Celeste. They were indeed the real deal. Very comfortable as well. I will attach a photo of my line up of bikes. It is in the line up along with 2 other Dedaccai tubing Bianchis fromt he mid 90s that are also lugged.

Of interesting note is, all my Bianchis except one are internal routing...and you mention quasi-retro in relation to old not being internal...I have a 1949 Vicini Road bicycle...internal routing along the top tube...I believe you could probably digest that element of the old!!

Pictured in the line up. 3 Bianchis, one bridgestone, a Razesa, and one Ford Escort Peleton vehicle very beaten.