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Campy nuovo rear derailleur Question ??(6 posts)

Campy nuovo rear derailleur Question ??Carbonfiberone
Aug 15, 2003 3:58 PM
Obviously I know nothing about the workings of this derailleur.So please go easy on me.I have a bike with a nuovo group from 1972.The rear derailleur dosen't put preasure on the chain so it hangs slack.Most derailleurs have a spring built in around the fixing bolt but this one just flops around fore and aft.Is there a site that has a diagram of this derailleur ?? Any help would be appreciated.Thanks in advance
re: Campy nuovo rear derailleur Question ??M_Currie
Aug 15, 2003 7:31 PM
These derailleurs do not have a spring in the upper pivot. There is a spring in the lower pivot, between the jockey wheels, which should wrap the chain and pull the whole thing forward. If this spring is unbroken but the chain is slack, this suggests either that the chain is too long or that your cog combination exceeds the number of teeth that the derailleur can wrap. Add the number of teeth on the largest front sprocket to the number on the largest rear. From that subtract the number on the smallest front and the smallest rear. The official wrap capacity of a NR is 26 teeth.

If I did it right, there should be a diagram here, too.
Thanks that helps---one other questionCarbonfiberone
Aug 16, 2003 10:57 AM
First thanks for your help.The crankrings are 42/52 and the rear cog is a 14/22.So I come up with 27 which is one tooth over.But when on the 42 I have to go up to the 18 tooth rear to get the slack out.But it looks like I can shorten the chain and still get to the 52/22.
In cleaning up the rear derailleur I found a cracked jockey wheel.Are these avalible anywhere ??? Thanks again
Thanks that helps---one other questionM_Currie
Aug 16, 2003 1:50 PM
If you try that calculation again: (52+22)-(42+14); I think you'll get 18, which is quite within range. My guess is that the chain is just too long.

I'm not sure whether some other (read cheaper) brand of pulleys might work, but a good bike shop should know. It appears that many Campy derailleurs use the same pulleys, and one option is Loose Screws.
re: Campy nuovo rear derailleur Question ??mapei boy
Aug 19, 2003 11:02 AM
I have a Patent 1972 Nuovo Record derailleur that I bought new and still use almost every day. Yes it does flop around on the fixing bolt, but it does so with a great deal of precision and panache. It's also one of those things that makes removing and remounting the rear wheel a veritable breeze. I currently run a 42-52 front with a 13- 26 five speed cluster (not a cassette!)in the back. Supposedly, the Nuovo Record isn't supposed to handle this large a spread, but mine does it no problem. It's all a matter of dialing in the proper chain length, and of course avoiding use of the 52-26 combo. Happy shifting!
re: Campy nuovo rear derailleur Question ??hdnoise
Aug 19, 2003 11:18 AM
FYI I run a 52/41 with a 28/13. It calculates right on and on the stand it appears to be a frightening squeeze getting up to the 28 on the 41, but on the road it shifts smoothly, and gets me up the hills....