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what's your best retro find at goodwill, etc?(5 posts)

what's your best retro find at goodwill, etc?moschika
Aug 8, 2003 4:26 PM
just wondering what the best old find has been? what did you get, for how much and from where? any old cluade butlers, like below, still in the box picked up at a yard sale from grandpas old stuff?

best deals i've had are an early 70's moto grand jubile - $5 and my Ruegger w/shimano arabesque and DA components-$5 both 'found' at the junkyard's recycling center. seen a couple of other 'old bikes' there too but didn't get them because they were too rusted or too big.
re: what's your best retro find at goodwill, etc?M_Currie
Aug 8, 2003 8:42 PM
The best ones I've gotten, I've passed along because they weren't in my size, alas. A few years ago I was out touring with my kids and we stopped at a tag sale and bought a Univega Mt. bike for 30 bucks. At the last minute, they threw in for another dollar an old Jeunet with REynolds 531 frame, very nice Brooks saddle, and a nearly mint Nuovo REcord rear derailleur. I swapped the frame, minus a few parts, to someone else for some things I needed. The saddle ended up on my old Ross mountain bike (a super dirt-road cruiser). A little later, in Connecticut, I found **IN SOMEONE's TRASH** a nearly mint Raleigh "Carlton" Super Course. It looked as if someone had put on new cables, tires, etc. some years before and then never ridden it. Unfortunately, it was way too big for me, so I swapped it also for some things I wanted, including a nice old-stock Sakae aluminum fork for the old Ross.

I got another too-tall bike - a rather run-of-the-mill Ross frame, for 8 bucks a couple of years ago, with complete Shimano arabesque group. The crankset of that is on my current road bike.

To my eternal shame I once passed up an old chrome plated Cinelli because it was rusty and not my size, but I won't let that happen again.
One I got, two that got awaycory
Aug 9, 2003 3:16 PM
Best one I bought was a mid-'80s Trek touring bike, Reynolds 531 with Ideale leather saddle, Suntour barcon shifters, good wheels AND in 25-inch, a garage sale steal at $50 five or six years ago. The tires were cracked, but still had the mold flash on them. I felt so guilty I even told the guy it was worth more, but he said he wanted to get rid of it. I've ridden it a lot, and converted it to singlespeed last year.
Two I missed: A Klein Attitude frame and fork with BB, $25 in a thrift shop in San Jose last year (didn't have my wallet, and when I went back next day it was gone) and a Centurion Iron Man, barely a scratch on it, for $100. I yearned for one of those when they were new, but I don't even know where I'd stack it now.
American SteelSenorPedro
Aug 10, 2003 1:21 PM
I have found 3 Trek lugged roadies in the past 2 years, all together for a total of $100. A 1983 columbus-tubed 530, an '87 Reynold's 531 400 Elance, and a '90 True Temper RC2 400.

All happened to have been in my size. I recently found about a '93 Cannondale M500 with full XT for $50 also.

They are out there, you just have to look!
Early steel rigid Stumpjumper, $10Straightblock
Aug 19, 2003 9:15 AM
at a local thrift store. Well worn, but with original Suntour deraillers and friction thumbies. Currently stripped down & ready for a powdercoat, it will be resurrected as a retro singlespeed.