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vintage Huret shifters(4 posts)

vintage Huret shiftersjpeezer
Aug 6, 2003 12:32 PM
I was recently given a vintage motebecane bicycle with suntour and Huret components. Does anyone know where I can find more about the Huret components? I overzealously took the shifters apart w/o first seeing how to put them back together. If anyone has any info or links I would be grateful.
Might try www.sheldonbrown.comcory
Aug 6, 2003 1:38 PM
Sheldon has all kinds of arcane information like that. I don't remember seeing Hurets specifically, but it's a place to start.
I don't recall exactly, but don't those have a plastic lever and two thin metal washers/spacers? Been a LONG time since I worked on one. If I'm right, though, the washers bracket the levers with the concave side to the inside...unless I'm wrong, or thinking of something else. Can't be that many pieces, though. You can probably shuffle them around until you get them right.
Huret = Horribleil sogno
Aug 8, 2003 2:49 PM
My every memory of my old Huret components is a nightmare. Are you planning on actually riding the bike, or are you just going to put it on display? If you're going to ride it, replace the Huret with Suntour. Dia-Compe. Simplex. Anything but the big H!
Huret = HorribleM_Currie
Aug 8, 2003 8:47 PM
Even if you like the Huret derailleurs, the shifters tended to slip no matter how tight you tried to get them. I haven't looked closely at the ones on my wife's Motobecane recently, but recall that they seemed to use more parts than just about anything else to do the job a little worse than anything else.