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1990 Bottecchia SLX w/Dura Ace, what is it worth?(5 posts)

1990 Bottecchia SLX w/Dura Ace, what is it worth?Dorf411
Aug 1, 2003 4:03 PM

I am currently looking at a 1990 plus or minus a year Bottecchia SLX tube chrome head lugs, chrome seat/chain stays, and chrome seat lugs with Dura Ace 8spd. It seems to be in great condition based on the pictures but I haven't seen it in person yet. Provided the paint is in good condition and the frame has no damage and the wheels are in decent condition what would be an acceptable amount to pay for a bike like this? Original asking price was at $1,200 but he has indicated that he is very willing to negotiate, would $600-$800 still be too much? Thanks for your replies

re: 1990 Bottecchia SLX w/Dura Ace, what is it worth?Walter
Aug 2, 2003 4:02 PM
I saw your Xpost over on General with pic and thought that was a beautiful bike. Red/chrome/white is the way a bike, esp. an Italian one should be done IMHO.

I'm a junkie for those kinds of frames and might be willing to pay more than the folks on the Gen board who, as a rule, are into thee newest/lightest. This is assuming really nice paint.

Maybe $800 though I'd shoot for less. Looking at the used market what is $6-800 getting? Seems to be mostly middle line aluminum with 105 or some Ultegra. W/o getting into the alum/steel wars most would agree that top steel (and SLX is) rides better than mid-grade alum. You're also getting DA. If you can live with the 8 speed you won't do much better. I run a Colnago with Campy 8 and find that to be plenty of gears but that's up to you.

If the guy is asking $1200 I doubt he'll go down to 600 but you never know. If he does, you did real good. If you get it for 800, you still did good.

Post that pic here too, btw.
re: 1990 Bottecchia SLX w/Dura Ace, what is it worth?Dorf411
Aug 2, 2003 4:54 PM
Picture as requested.
SLX/SPX BottecchiaDuke249
Aug 4, 2003 8:39 AM
I have two of these framesets in 59cm and absolutely love them. They have the best "steel" ride of all the bicycles I have (I also have a Tommasini Diamante, C40HP, Colnago Profil CX and Moser Leader AX). The geometry is very twitchy on the front end, almost too much so for an Italian frame, but once you're used to it, its not an issue.

One point on the tubeset though - Bottecchia uses a mixture of SLX/SPX for this frameset in the larger sizes, which it looks like this one qualifies. The downtube in the sturdier SPX. If the frame has a Columbus sticker, it should say SPX. Both of mine do.

Here's a photo of one of mine.
Aug 7, 2003 2:29 PM
Performance was selling these in the late 80's early 90's. The frames were very inexpensive $300-$400 and an 8 speed DA kit isn't especially desireable. One of the posters has noted that these frames were known for their "quickness". The ones I have seen had fairly steep seat tubes and higher BBs than is the norm for Italian frames of that era.

As a measure of comparison I recently bought a Merckx Corsa Extra,also SLX, with a 7 speed DA kit for $400. I have a friend who got one with 8 speed DA for $500. My sense is that the Merckx name is more desirable than Bottechia so that would suggest that $400-$500 would be reasonable price for this bike.