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Need infor on Centurion Elite Gt Touring bike.(2 posts)

Need infor on Centurion Elite Gt Touring bike.Trevo
Jul 21, 2003 3:54 PM
IAm getting one in a few weeks and Iam curious about the bikes specs.
IF anyone has one of these bikes, has any pictures of this particular bike or has any info about;
rear spacing,number of water bottle bosses, or tire clerance please let me know

Thanks much!
re: Need infor on Centurion Elite Gt Touring bike.desmo
Jul 21, 2003 7:48 PM
I picked one up at the Goodwill awhile back, rebuilt it and sold it on ebay. Early 80's bike with 126 rear spacing, 6 speed and triple up front. It had either 2 or 3 bottle cage bosses. I remember one on the underside of the down tube but can't remember if there was one on the seat tube? It had tons of tire clearence and canti brakes. Really neat thing was a wire that ran through the down tube with grommets near the headtube and BB for a lighting system. It was triple or quad butted Tange, and a pretty decent looking bike. I remember a sticker on the seat tube stating something like "designed in America built in Japan". I would have kept it as a winter bike but it was not my size.