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xpost from components... Shimano R600 brake retrofit...?(2 posts)

xpost from components... Shimano R600 brake retrofit...?MrDan
Jun 30, 2003 8:42 PM
I have a '78 vintage bike I still ride. Love the thing, but would like to put these long reach dual pivots on in place of the original shimano 600 side-pulls. Problem is that since this is a vintage bike it doesn't use recessed mounting, and Sheldon Browns web-site says these are for recessed mounting. Looked on the Shimano site for dimensions etc. but could not find anything. Anyone familiar with these or could take a measurment of the mounting bolt length for front and rear calipers? I could counterbore the existing brake bolt hole on the fork I guess, and I assume the rear does not need anything special since it seems silly that the rear would use recessed mounting since the brake bridge width is small compared to the front fork.
ANy help/info here GREATLY appreciated...
You were at the right placeWalter
Jul 2, 2003 4:23 PM
The SB site is huge.

Click this:

I've bought the drill bit in preparation of mounting a front brake on a fixie project but haven't gotten around to it. When I do it, I'll post but I haven't had much time lately.