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What to do with this fork?(2 posts)

What to do with this fork?Lone Gunman
Jun 30, 2003 6:39 PM
I'll throw this out to the group; last year I mechanically restored my '78 Viscount to better than original condition with period correct bits and pieces, matching up sub component groups of shimano 600 and SR parts. Had not had this bike out on the road since probably 1990. Anyway, for a no pedigree frame, it rides okay and it has the nostalgia factor working for it.

This year I am doing something with the finish work, picked out a nice Molteni orange Powder Coat and am going to paint part of the seat and all the head tube, line the lugs, update the decals....The fork is 3/4 chrome. Sadly, the exposed part was pitted and discolored. I tried the faux chrome paint, it looked like polished aluminum or stainless steel. Has anyone ever seen polished alu or stainless steel fork? Or should I just PC the whole thing? Actually I am back to the drawing board with the paint...I put coat #5 on and got the bright idea to pop it in the oven and bake the paint and it blistered, so I got to redo or PC. Opine please.
PC itwspokes
Jul 1, 2003 3:29 AM
Just powder coat the fork, it will look cool with the other colors. For future reference...any Idiot knows you don't bake fry it! Sheeeeeshhhh...And to think I have actually ridden with you and lived to tell about it!

Chrome looks cool...but if you can spice up an old frameset by doing a matching fork to the paint...and with the creme scheme on the headtube and part seat is gonna look very good in the end.