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Guerciotti ?(6 posts)

Guerciotti ?QJ
Jun 26, 2003 12:22 PM
Hi all! I put an ad in on the local craigslist forum offering to trade a 32" television for an older road bike.

The only serious offer I've gotten to date is from a guy with 'a SWEET late-80's Guerciotti aluminum frame roadbike with Dura-Ace gruppo'. The TV was like $900 new (which I included in the ad I posted).

My question is, does anyone know anything about Guerciotti? It sounds to me like the DA gruppo alone if in good shape is probably worth the trade, cuz I could slap that stuff on my current bike. I'm 6'1 so I'm generally doubtful that the frame will fit me right. Maybe I could swap the components and then trade the Guerciotti for a cheaper MTB or something? Thoughts?

My current ride is a steel Zebra Kenko from the 80's with a biopace triple chainring and suntour/dia compe components. It's a LITTLE too tall for me, but I haven't broken the boys on the top tube yet!
re: Guerciotti ?mapei boy
Jun 26, 2003 2:20 PM
Guerciotti is a famous make. In the seventies and eighties, they were one of the pioneers in the use of aluminum tubes. I test rode a couple of Guerciottis back in the day. Slick, fast, soft, superb. Your TV has probably taken a hell of a hit in resale, so a swap might be an okay deal. If you can swing a ride on the thing, by all means do it. If the bike isn't the right size, though, fuggedaboutit. And of course make sure the condition is okay. You don't want your bike falling apart on you.
re: Guerciotti ?QJ
Jun 26, 2003 3:34 PM
Yeah, the main reason I want to trade is I figure I'll get a nicer bike than selling the TV and trying to buy a bike with the money.

If the DA group is in good shape and will work with my Zebra-Kenko, then I'll probably make the trade even if the frame doesn't fit or has cracks, because it'd be a big improvement over what I'm running now.
I remember the alum "Gurches"Walter
Jun 27, 2003 5:49 AM
Real popular in the mid80s. Due to my size I went with a Cdale but the "Gurches" were pretty. Imported by the long gone 10 Speed Drive importers. They were based in FLA and there were a bunch of their bikes in our cycling club at U of Central FLA. Everyone who had one liked it.

Don't know if I'd trade if the bike doesn't fit. Mid80s DA isn't all that hard to find. It's not like you're getting the new STI stuff. If it fits though I'd say go for it.
re: Guerciotti ?DeRosaOrBust
Jun 28, 2003 4:48 PM
If I remember right those Guerciotti allums were bonded. Meaning the tubes were glued into each other. They did hold up too good over time. I'm not saying all didn't. But I do know of several that had seperated. One thing to consider.
Jul 19, 2003 9:48 PM
I had a Guerciotti columbus SLX bike in the late 80's. Imported by ten speed imports. I'm almost absolutely sure that the al Guercioitti's were made by Alan, and were very flexy as were most of the al bikes of that era.