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Spirito, a few question about your Merckx..(10 posts)

Spirito, a few question about your Merckx..Qubeley
Jun 16, 2003 8:06 PM
I am currently working on my little "retro" project. It's an old frame from early 80s. I've decided to use C-Record crank(is it a c-record on your bike?).
My questions:
How many speed in the back are you running? What shifters/derailleurs? Are the chainrings on c-record crank compatible with the newer stuff?
I would really appreciate it if you can let me know the parts you use for the drivetrain.
A little hint of what's to come..
I run a C-record with...wspokes
Jun 17, 2003 3:34 AM
not spririto but I can tell you this...

I have a C-record crankset on my early 90s Bianchi. I have a 3 holed Super Record front derailleur and a 9 speed rear chorus. I run 8 speeds on the back. All works perfect. The newer chainrings are narrower for the narrower chains so if you are using a narrower 9 speed chain. You may get a "clunky" feel with some sloppy shifting. I will say my friend is running an old victory set up with 9 speeds in the back, 9 speed chain, 9 speed fine. Just tweak it up and try it. Enjoy

I am thinking of something more modern..Qubeley
Jun 17, 2003 4:42 AM
Thanks for the input. Since I have Shimano on my race bike, I'd like to switch wheel between the two bikes if I have to.
Right now, I am considering Ultegra 9-speed/downtube shifters and single chainring in the front.(I know, it's not full Campy.) I guess the C-Record chainring is probably gonna be too thick. I might put a more recent chainring.
Do you think it might work?
wow !!!!!!!! ..... were we seperated at birth ????Spirito
Jun 17, 2003 11:10 AM
the merckx was hot but is now another's steed. all my parts went onto a DeRosa that came with C Record when new.

ive used a 9 speed chain with c-record cranks. no probs. i did turn the inner ring around to bring it closer in slightly. 8 speed with standard set-up is no probs. keep in mind what derailleur pulley's and freewheel you will be using and use the appropriate chain. on the merckx (now DeRosa) i had an ultra 6 freewheel, c-record cranks, 8 speed sram chain, and a daytona 9 front and veloce 9 rear (sounds cheapo but it handled a 13 - 30 with a 42/52 better than any vintage variant i tried). friction c-record shifters up front. generally run a 14-21 or a 13-19 (nyc is flat). its cool but a little tricky to keep a fast pace on the boil with the 13-30 but i hope to compensate for this with better legs.

next bike will be different (12-21 7 speed rear, modern-ish derailleurs, friction downtube shifters and a 28/36/46 triple chainring set up front - phil hubs).

i run an ultra 6 at back as i wanted low dish on the rear wheel and to temporarily run as a fixie when stripped down. then i got the fixed bug ..... really bad!! i built the baby below ......

i dont want to take away from your project but perhaps you would enjoy seeing another fleshed out. as pictured running a 42 x 16 but now 44 x 16. my favorite bike to ride by far !!! its sweet, honest, has plenty of brio, and far more forgiving than reports i had read (in fact i would rate the way it rides as perfect). columbus SL of course ;-)

C-Record is cool and the only thing i would suggest is to avoid them "syncro" shifters .... very few peep's seem to have much luck in making them work in indexed mode. the plain friction shifters also look much nicer anyways. i decided to keep a little more clasic in the parts i used even to the point of keeping the non aero cables/levers ..... then i had to be spirito and chop them bars.

Gios Blue is classic but ...... welcome to the white Gios club ;-)

a cuppla other's here in NYC ...

Spirito "Gios Compact Pro as fixed/SS?" 6/9/03 12:51pm

and save this link ... its what got me started .... one day i will find the CHROME one ..... what a hot looking bici !!!!!!

ohhhh .... the Gios cork (white or blue) tape sold a excel comes with cool Gios plugs and "alfredo gios" scripted finishing tape. not period but very cool. the gios underseat bag is a fantastic and well excecuted idea and well worth the price if a little small. the Gios cap is without question - a must have, but the gios water bottle looks cool but is a little finicky to open and use. Roger DeV. would be proud of you.

Man, you really got the better of me, real good! Damn!Qubeley
Jun 17, 2003 5:56 PM
WOW is right! Damn why are you so far ahead of me?
Why did you take the Merckx apart? That's the sweetest bike I've ever seen. I thought it's a keeper. Maybe DeRosa is better£¿£¨pic available?)
Here's the set up I have in mind currently: Gios frame, C-Record Crank&BB. Helium Shimano 9-speed with downtube shifters, single speed up front(52), Regal seat I got from friend. Rest are details. I actually want the new retro Storika seat from Selle Italia, too bad they won't be available for another 2 months. I would like this bike to be a modernized retro, keeping the look while enjoy the performance of newer shiftings.
Yeah, I will get the Gios tape(white) and cycling cap. I am gonna wear my wool jersey and white hairnet when I ride this baby. Too much you think?
I've saved the old catalog link a long time ago, and checked out all Gios when I got this frame. Pretty cool. Do you know the webmaster?
Speaking of white Gioses(sp?) in the City, is that picture from ClassicRendezvous also in NYC? Then check out below link:
Does this means that there are at least four such beauties in NYC?
Gios Blues not sung here ;-)Spirito
Jun 18, 2003 12:03 AM
re: ClassicRendezvous white Gios was bought on ebay by a fellow new yorker almost complete as pictured for $400 odd bucks (speedy gonzalaz fingers on the "buy it now" by a fellow new yorker). the saddle and stem is how we met as i missed bidding on it by minutes. it was funny as when i bought my frameset he was quick to inquire. i promised it was a fixie/ss.

my mates later pearl Gios is his first road bike ... very cool score and funny that it worked out that way as we were looking for everything but another white Gios. now we argue over who's Gios cap is who's.

the airglow repaint rocks. its better than original (lug lining and chrome rear drops exposed) and whilst purists wouldnt agree i like it as it makes it distinguishable as non-original down the road. i havent seen it but ill ask around to perhaps get a look and say hello.

mark bulgier's webspace lists many things that Classic Rendezvous email listers have collected and wished to share and is a great resource. he is a cool guy for taking the time to offer it for us incurable bici fetishists. it was looking through the catalogue pics of in the box Gios' packaged with jersey, chainring, stem, bottle and cap that lubed up my lust factor for them. never seen another bike marketed that way. very cool.

the merckx?? well ... i knew when i bought it that it was a little small but i just knew that i had to try it out. glad i did and i decided to bite the bullet when it was still fresh ..... and when i was offered a DeRosa that i couldnt have/afford back in 1988 - fell in my lap so to speak, with the panto'd delta brakes it came with for the less $'s than i was offered for the Merckx frameset. all the parts were a perfect swap and appropriate. the DeRosa is pretty cool ...... no pics yet but its in the 1988 catalogue and just happens to be white ... pearl white. as its a 55.5 x 56 c-c it fits me perfect.

i really think your build plan is cool. very stylish. if its just a single up front i dont think youll have any probs with the standard C record chainring and a 9 speed chain. that it will be graced with wool and a hairnet has me thinking you should be the Prez of the white gios club.

Q??? my bottom bracket is different from Lorenzo's (cr site) and from the airglow repainted version. i have a cinelli "spoiler" BB and am trying to figure out why as it matches the other 2 in all details.
Spirito "friday spoiler" 4/4/03 1:49pm

...... and perhaps you can help me explain that deep mystery of how much actual weight was saved from part drilling them rear drops. i still laugh when i see them.

nice ride bro ... look forward to seeing it built. i seriously love mine. its not the prettiest but i choose to ride it 90% of the time - there is just something "right" about 'em. the harder i ride it and the rougher the road the happier it seems. its the only bike i would do centuries or tour on. the later Gios i built up for my friend is a faster/sportier bike but as they say "you make a better soup with an old pot" and i prefer my older version ........ youll soon feel what i mean.

we'll have to email Gios HQ and send 'em pics ... they'll think we are subversive revolutionaries or sumtin' ..... the coolest Gios i have yet seen is sure to scare them ....

BB detailQubeley
Jun 18, 2003 12:05 PM
I think the frame I am getting(still on its way from Germany!) has the same BB like the other two. That is, with holes on the bottom, not the Cinelli one. It is very curious though..I will post more pics when I get it.
Do you happen to know when did Gios stopped put coins on the fork? I thought that was kind of cool.
C Record Crank / Shimano 9 speed works finecdhbrad
Jun 19, 2003 2:14 PM
I have a bike with almost the same setup you want. Its C-Record Crank with 42/53 rings with Dura Ace Frt/ 9sp Rear der. I use Dura-Ace downtube shifters. Works fine.
about that downtube shifter..Qubeley
Jun 19, 2003 4:45 PM
Is it true that only the rear shifter is indexed? front is friction?
If that, I may as well put a Shimano front D. on it..
about that downtube shifter..cdhbrad
Jun 20, 2003 4:52 AM
Yes, that's correct the front is friction. Rear can be either indexed or friction.