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49 Vicini restoration. The front wheel(1 post)

49 Vicini restoration. The front wheelwspokes
Jun 13, 2003 3:55 AM
Hello Vintage buffs and welcome to my home any women in the buff,

Maybe I will treat this like a book. Part 1. The Front Wheel.

I began the process of breaking down and cleaning the 49 Vicini. Started with the front wheel. The rims are Nisi-Toro with serrated braking surface. FB stamped Campagnolo 3-piece hubs. I took off the original tire and tube that were on the rim, they are still holding air but the dry-rot is evident! I actually redid the rim tape with surgical cloth tape that I, uh hummmm, acquired from work. The stuff works wonderfully. The rims don't really accept a hook beaded tire. The don't really have the required features for for now I just stretched on a Gommatalia tubbie (I have to pre-stretch that devil anyway. I am impressed by the width of the rim, very wide. Very Lightweight and I would guess alloy without taking the magnet to it! The hubs cleaned up nicely and have only a scant sign of some pitting. The skewer cleaned up nicely as well. It is an open C Campagnolo skewer. The bearings are in good shape and I have removed them all along with the axle to soak in some citrus cleaner. It appears that they were last packed in 1949 using bearing grease for a car! Very gummy stuff. Horribly gummy. I probably will be amazed one I get this up and running at how free spinning they will be compared with my first pre-lim ride.

Other news, took off the chain and soaked it up. Took Aldo's advice and removed a link so we shall see if this helps the skipping I was encountering. Next step will be to remove the brakes and clean them up. But for now, peace and out...