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Campy onlywspokes
Jun 2, 2003 10:44 AM
I have more of a comment to make. I submitted phtots in the past to Once I submitted long ago a photo of a late 60s Bianchi with basic entry level components with the message, I know it isn't high end but it is still on the road. That should be a testament to campy components to see those words 30 years later. never heard back...and the picture, never got posted to the retro. Recently, I submitted photos of my latest prize. A 1949 Vicini campagnolo cambio corsa. Now this bike is the real deal, complete, nothing missing, functional. Yeah, the frame is not pretty and could use a new paint job but the components are quite respectable and quite functional. It is a nice bike. The response, let me know after it is restored....What? Retro is retro...what is the deal there. Either you want to post Retro pics or not...I didn't know they had to be showroom condition. Especially one of that age and componentry. I am a little turned off by the smug attitude. But, that's just me. Til I "restore it", I guess I will keep spinning around the block on this beast. So here she is...
Where did you find that?Dave Hickey
Jun 2, 2003 1:29 PM
Great looking bike. It's worthy of being on Campyonly just as it is. It's their loss.
re: Campy onlydesmo
Jun 2, 2003 4:55 PM
weird, from the look of the page I didn't think they turned anybody down. don't get me wrong, nice bikes in there but some are not even that old. you have a true old bike there. all I would do is a mechanical overhaul, glue on some fresh meats and try to ride it (if I could figure out that shifting). I was going to send them pics of my Cinelli fixie that's mostly 70's vintage NR and Pista, but I will boycott in your honor. now can you resize that photo so we can see the whole thing!
is that the rear dr.?moschika
Jun 2, 2003 4:57 PM
is that little lever thing the rear derailleur? do you just flip it across the cogs to change gears? wouldn't it get stuck in the spokes?

cool looking bike. definitely has the used but lots of character look.
is that the rear dr.? Yes it is..eddie m
Jun 2, 2003 5:16 PM
The other lever is the quick release. The way it worked was that you opened the QR, WHILE YOU WERE RIDING, and when the wheel crept forward, you pushed the chain across with the other lever. The rear axle and dropouts have little teeth so that the axle would roll up and back without getting out of line. Eventually, cooler heads prevailed and invented the modern rear derailer.
Cooler heads prevailed...wspokes
Jun 3, 2003 3:54 AM
Ahhh, yes...but This is a very cool bike to "try" and ride. I have been spinning around the block on it attempting to master the shift. It will take some practice but I am getting tip. It helps when you build up some speed. reach down between your legs to the lever. Undo the axle QR, back pedal slightly while moving the chain with the other lever and then retighten. It shifts smoother.
is that the rear dr.? Yes it is..Aldo Ross
Jun 3, 2003 6:12 AM
Here's another shot of the CC Mech. Even if you manage to get the shifting fork into the spokes it will just bounce harmlessly along the surface.
is that the rear dr.?Aldo Ross
Jun 3, 2003 5:59 AM
I'll post this close-up of a CC rear mech so you can see how the parts are arranged. The shifting fork can only go so far - the spoke protector keeps the chain from going into the wheel, and the chain keeps the shifting fork from going into the wheel.
is that the rear dr.?wspokes
Jun 3, 2003 6:57 AM
That is one CLEAN looking frameset Aldo, Nice! Drop a pic of the complete bike if you can. Thanks
I like Campy-Only but.....Walter
Jun 2, 2003 7:41 PM
not posting your pic is assinine. Why would a site devoted to "all things Campy" turn down a pic of true Campy history. The fact that your bike is still rolling an not hanging on a wall somewhere should make it an even more desirable addition to their site. At least that's how I see it.
re: Campy onlywspokes
Jun 3, 2003 4:00 AM
I will just answer all questions up here...

Yes, I am disappointed also in the fact they didn't post it. I will still go there and look as usual and not boycott the site but I do now view them as a little smug in attitude. Even for my poor Valentino Bianchi that was rejected years ago, God rest its soul!

I will get some better pics with my digital at home. The one I posted was from work here and I don't have the proper editing programs to trim and get it down to the right submittable size. I will get some pics though to post. A fellow CR listee helped me find this prize. The amazing part is, I normally ride a 59cm. But Finding a bike this old with these parts in your exact size is probably near impossible Soooo, when I got the chance to get this one...57cm or around. I was pleased. Close enough. If your interested in checking out some other oldies. I have started a website with some of my bike is not finished but good enough to check out some pics.