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Any Colnago experts out there?(3 posts)

Any Colnago experts out there?Chris3212
May 31, 2003 5:22 PM
I have an older Colnago Sprint frameset I built up a few years ago and when I take it to club rides alot of people ask me how old it is and I have to tell them I'm not exactly sure. It's lugged steel (Columbus SL) with a chrome fork (Campagnolo fork tips) and a chrome chainstay and dropouts. It also has a "SPRINT" script cutout on the top of the bb shell and the Colnago "club" cutouts on each side of the fork crown and the headtube lug. My guess is that it is between ten and fifteen years old. It also came with Suntour Superbe brake arches with the allen head bolts. Any help would be appreciated.
re: Any Colnago experts out there?Walter
Jun 3, 2003 2:49 PM
I thought I typed a reply yesterday but apparently I didn't do something right.

Haven't seen a "Sprint." What's the dropout spacing? I haven't seen a 'nago with Asian frame parts though ST Superbe was truly "superb" stuff. I'd guess 15+ years old but just a guess.

This link gives some Colnago info:
re: Any Colnago experts out there?Chris3212
Jun 3, 2003 3:24 PM
I think the dropout spacing is 130mm. It originally came equipped with Shimano 105 downtube shifter stuff (not sure if 7 or 8sp) but it had a Shimano NON-SEALED bb so I think somebody has built it up from a frame rather than bought the bike complete. It currently has an Ultegra 8sp rear hub