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What Bianchi should I be looking for?(3 posts)

What Bianchi should I be looking for?853
May 14, 2003 11:44 AM
I rode when I was in High School for about two or three years before leaving the sport for another. That was back in '92 thru '94. Now that I'm back I would love to get the bike I lusted over back then, I rode a cheapie Bianchi with 105 that I bought used, but I remember my friend riding the ultimate Bianchi with columbus tubing, Lugs and chrome, decked out with full campy. What model,year were these available from?
What are the going prices for these frame and forks?
I am planning on just getting the frame and fork, to make a fun SS to ride at the beach on the weekends.
re: What Bianchi should I be looking for?desmo
May 14, 2003 9:06 PM
you want a Specialissma or Super Leggera from the 70's or early 80's. probably have to pay between $250-$600 for a nice frameset on ebay, although you might get lucky on a local bike if you look hard enough. I had a Super Leggera for awhile, and even though it was little too big for me it was still one of the nicest riding frames I've owned. hold out for those chrome lugs!
shameless plugbianchi boy
May 19, 2003 8:06 PM
I have finally decided to sell my mid-80s Bianchi Nuovo Record frame and fork, my first really nice road bike. It would make a great single speed or fixe project because it has horizontal dropouts and eyelets for fenders. I've posted an ad in Roadbikereview in the frames section as well as eBay. It's a Columbus steel lugged frame, Celeste green, size 57 c-c seat and top tubes with 73 seat tube angle. Here's a link to the eBay ad:

RBR ad is in the frames section