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Poll: does anyone else ride centerpulls regularly?...(3 posts)

Poll: does anyone else ride centerpulls regularly?...Djudd
May 8, 2003 3:56 PM
I have Schwinn that I rebuilt as a fixed/tourer. To avoid problems (drop-bolt,etc.) I have centerpulls on the front. I love them!!!The stopping power in the rain is really smooth and sure. Anyone else ride and like centerpulls?
In order...Lone Gunman
May 8, 2003 4:32 PM
to keep my retro bike as close to original as possible I scrapped the idea of putting later model side pulls that in that time period were put on junky bikes and as I remember when buying my retro in '78 the standards were, lugged steel, centerpull brakes and DT shifters. I opted for steel wheels, afraid that the alu ones would be stolen. I put kool stop pads on them (Shimano tourneys), not the greatest in the brake world but they work well and look the part retro.
Sure, on my favorite commuterCalvin
May 9, 2003 5:47 AM
Dia-Compe, with "smooth stud" pads. As for "like", well, they are brakes and will rub the rim and slow the bike, so sure, I like 'em.